Aeronautical information services within the responsibility area of Vilnius FIR/UIR shall be provided H24 by Vilniaus aeronautical information service briefing - Vilnius ARO with integrated NOTAM Office.

Contact details:


Vilnius ARO
Operational Hours: H24
Phone Numbers.:
+370 706 94 694
+370 706 94 618
+370 706 94 747 (EYKA, EYSA, EYPA FIS)
+370 610 25 217
Fax. +370 706 94 621

Flights plans may be also submitted at Self-Briefing Offices in Kaunas, Palanga, Šiauliai or Vilnius AD.

Representatives of ground-handing companies, providing ground handling services for aircraft in aerodromes of Kaunas, Palanga, and Šiauliai, will be provided with pre-flight information by e-mail, after having addressed by telephone or e-mail (see the contact details above).

Note: Outside the operational hours of Kaunas ARO, Šiauliai ARO and Palanga ARO, service is provided by Vilnius ARO.

Consult NOTAMs for Latest Information

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SE „Oro navigacija“
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Tel.: +370 706 94 502