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Safety – to constantly ensure the highest level of safety as well as pro-active development of the safety of the provided services.

Quality – to improve the quality of the provided services, to increase the satisfaction of the clients and other stakeholders.

Security - to prevent unlawful interference with the provisions of the services.

Compliance requirements. In the course of our activity, we are constantly in compliance with the international and Lithuanian legal acts, standards and recommended practise, continually follow the requirements of the applicable European Union regulations, other international and Lithuanian legal acts, standards, internal legal acts of the enterprise, moreover, as well as monitor the compliance with the applicable requirements.


  • to maintain and continuously improve the safety and safety management, also quality management system of the enterprise (including the documents thereof, procedures and performance results), which is an integral part of the general management system of the enterprise;
  • to determine the needs of the clients and other stakeholders, also to meet their expectations;
  • to execute the assessment of the activity procedures and constant development of the procedures based on it, seeking to meet the highest standards and taking into consideration the best practices;
  • to seek technological progress, to introduce environmentally advanced engineering solutions and systems, to use resources economically and rationally;
  • to maintain and improve the risk management system integrated into all enterprise performance procedures, which is also in line with international risk management standards and best practices;
  • to be constantly prepared to suitably deal with contingencies and to coordinate the actions with other service providers and airlines;
  • to ensure an open and efficient system for reporting safety incidents and security problems;
  • to ensure suitable communication and sharing of experience on safety, quality, security and compliance matters;
  • to not tolerate intentional and repeated violations, gross negligence, malicious actions, intentional careless behaviour;
  • to apply objective behaviour assessment standards for all the employees equally.


Updated at: 2022-01-28 14:06:16