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The enterprise has introduced anticorruption management system in accordance with standard LST ISO 37001:2016 “Anticorruption Management System, Requirements and Usage Guidelines”. When implementing the anticorruption measures, the enterprise takes into consideration the expectations of the stakeholders, including the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, external organisations, acting in the field of anticorruption, employees, business partners, monitoring institutions.

Oro Navigacija follows Corruption Prevention Policy prepared by the enterprise, all the employees are subject to it, moreover, it enables to execute the activities both inside and outside the enterprise following the highest standards of ethics. We do not tolerate any manifestations of corruption within the enterprise; thus, we rapidly eliminate any defects in the legal acts, procedures and other fields. Furthermore, we raise the awareness of the employees in order to prevent any possible corruption. All the stakeholders of Oro Navigacija are also subject to this policy.

If needed, we annually carry out corruption tolerance employee questionnaire analysis, provide target consultations (recommendations) to separate employees and subdivisions. This way we encourage ethical behaviour and business operation within the enterprise, it also enables us to assess the risks and ensure fluent introduction and improvement of internal corruption control mechanisms.

In order to apply the best practices in the anticorruption management of the country, we regularly participate at various seminars on this subject as well as the special events organised by other institutions.  

Employees responsible for corruption prevention at Oro Navigacija:

  • Anti-corruption compliance executive: Žygimantas Jakonis, e-mail, telephone +37070694555.
  • Corruption prevention: Donatas Dačkevičius, Jordana Šablinska.


Corruption prevention policy

This policy defines the general corruption prevention principles, which are followed by the enterprise, as well as the measures for shaping tis policy, possible types of corruption and methods for prevention thereof, employee responsibility.

Anticorruption assessment

During the anticorruption assessment of the legal act drafts it is sought to establish the drawbacks of the legal regulation established under them, that might allow manifestations of corruption. In accordance with Article 8 of the Law on Corruption Prevention of the Republic of Lithuania, anticorruption assessment of the legal act drafts is performed at the enterprise. Anticorruption assessment of the legal acts prepared by the enterprise is performed by the employees appointed responsible for anticorruption assessment in accordance with the Rules on Anticorruption Assessment of Legal Act Drafts, ratified under the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania No. 243 of 12 March 2014 “On Ratifying the Rules on Anticorruption Assessment of the Legal Act Drafts”.

Trust Line and protection of employees

Oro Navigacija seeks to execute the activity of the enterprise in accordance with the highest ethical standards and principles, following the standards of openness, honesty and integrity, thus, we would be grateful, if you reported any violations or express your suspicions regarding them.

Trust Line provides an opportunity to anonymously report the noticed violations of law committed by the employees or business partners of Oro Navigacija, posing a threat to public interest and to ensure the prevention of such violations as well as their disclosure, if necessary. Possible violations are identified under Anticorruption Policy, Code of Ethics, Equal Opportunity Policy.

We encourage to report about:

  • a criminal act which is being prepared, committed or had been committed;
  • administrative offence;
  • malfeasance or professional misconduct;
  • serious breach of mandatory professional ethics;
  • any other offense that threatens or infringes the public interest that you become aware due to your current or past service, employment or contractual relationship with Oro Navigacija.

All notifications received via Trust Line of the enterprise are processed in accordance with the established procedure, whereas summarised reports on them are submitted only in the manner defined under the legal acts. Reports about violations may be submitted by current and former employees of Oro Navigacija or other persons in possession of such information.

How can I report?

Using internal channel:  

The assessment of the information provided in the reports is implemented by the employees responsible for corruption prevention at Oro Navigacija. 

Using external channel (notifying other institutions) by completing the report form to:  

Protection, promotion and assistance measures may be applied to persons who have submitted reports in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on the Protection of Whistleblowers of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts.

Screening of potential employees

Following Item 5 of Article 17 of the Law on Corruption Prevention of the Republic of Lithuania public limited liability company Oro Navigacija confirmed a list of positions, regarding which a request to provide information is submitted to Special Investigations Service:

No. Name of the Position Name of the Position of the Appointing Person
1 Chief Executive Officer of the reorganized State enterprise Oro navigacija to Public limited liability company Oro navigacija The Chairman of the Board
2  Head of the Department  Chief Executive Officer
3 Deputy Head of the Department Chief Executive Officer
4 Head of Safety and Quality division  Chief Executive Officer 
5 Head of Internal Auditing Service Chief Executive Officer
6 Head of Law, Risk and Compliance Management Division Chief Executive Officer 
7 Head of Personnel division Chief Executive Officer 
8 Head of Communication Chief Executive Officer 
9 A person is temporarily appointed to the positions specified in points 1-8 of this list, when there is no appointed person who holds these positions permanently Chief Executive Officer


Gift policy

Would you like to thank an employee of Oro Navigacija? A word of gratitude is enough for us

„Based on the corruption prevention policy at Oro Navigacija, we follow gift policy. Therefore, if you would like to express your gratitude, simply tell us “Thank you”. Thank you for your understanding! The gifts of lower value are either considered the property of the employees, who receive them, or returned.


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