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Unmanned aerial vehicles (hereinafter also referred to as UAV) are not an entirely new phenomenon, nevertheless, fast development of the technologies enhances their accessibility both in the military industry and in the commercial sector, also used for leisure or entertainment. As the interest in UAV increases exponentially, it is important to use UAVs without impeding the activities of other aviation stakeholders: aircraft, helicopters, air balloons and gliders, simultaneously ensuring such significant issues as flight safety, security and private interests.

The main requirements that unmanned aerial vehicle owners must be in compliance with:

  • To register at the online system of Transport Competence Agency or at the system of the relevant institution of any other country which is a member state of the European Union;
  • To have a user registration certificate;
  • To obtain authentic user registration number, which must be used to mark all the possessed unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • To pass an examination in the relevant subcategory and possess a certificate to prove it.

Lithuanian airspace mapping model in 3D format

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Updated at: 2022-01-28 11:04:37