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Oro Navigacija, which provides air navigation services within the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania, is strengthening the team. From the 3rd of January Modestas Pikutis started working as the Head of Technical Department of the company. Oro Navigacija provided information that M. Pikutis has been awarded Doctoral Degree in Electrical and Electronical Engineering Sciences at Vilniaus Gediminas Technical University (Vilnius TECH). His previous workplace was transport surveillance and control solution company “Ruptela”, where he held the position of Production Manager. Before that he has also worked as Production Manager at companies “Esemda” and “Via Solis”.

“The activity of Oro Navigacija is crucial for ensuring safe air navigation; therefore, we always seek to invite high qualification specialists possessing the required competencies. I have no doubts that the previous experience and abilities of M. Pikutis will significantly contribute to enhancing our team and further development thereof”, noted Chief Executive Officer of Oro Navigacija Saulius Batavičius.

According to its size Technical Department is the second biggest subdivision of Oro Navigacija. This Department has 63 employees and most of them are highly qualified engineers who hold special certificates.

M. Pikutis will be responsible for airspace management systems and the provision of communication, navigation and surveillance services at Oro Navigacija, ensuring the highest safety, quality, security and sustainability standards as well as development of these services.

Mindaugas Rudokas was the previous Head of Technical Department at Oro Navigacija, from now on he will run a different position at the company.  

Updated at: 2023-01-17 07:03:46

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