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State enterprise Oro Navigacija proceeds the modernisation of air traffic control

Last week state enterprise Oro Navigacija started providing the air traffic control services within the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania using new air traffic control system iTEC. After successful launch of this system, the operation of new air traffic control system InNOVA started at Vilnius Aerodrome Control Centre, InNOVA replaced Eurocat X which was used up to now.

InNOVA is an automated air traffic control system, receiving and processing data from the radars located in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga, special sensors located at Vilnius Aerodrome as well as from ground surveillance radar, recording movement and obstacles present at Vilnius Aerodrome.

The new air traffic control system InNOVA, which is used by tower and approach air traffic controllers working at Vilnius Aerodrome Control Centre is thoroughly linked with iTEC system used by air traffic controllers working at Area Control Centre, which enables to ensure the highest quality of flight safety and the provided services.

Both of these two systems are close interconnected and constantly exchange the data. “During the installation of this system our main goal was to ensure the highest level of integration with iTEC system. Unified and automated data exchange enables the visualisation of an action performed at one workplace for the air traffic controllers located at other workplaces”, – stated the Shift Manager of Vilnius Aerodrome Control Centre Tomas Pagirys.

His opinion was also supported by the Chief Engineer of Air Traffic Control System Maintenance Division Raimond Šidlovski, who also emphasises that the success of the project of such a scope was determined by close cooperation of air traffic controllers and engineers. “In order to ensure successful operation of the system the necessary pre-conditions included constant cooperation, in order to find out the needs of the air traffic controllers as well as to take into consideration the characteristics oof the airspace. We were looking for the best solutions, therefore, we embraced in-depth approach towards both air traffic control as a process and system efficiency possibilities. It was the first project of such type, when two different systems were successfully joined together. The project itself was very complicated technologically and technically, thus, it required lots of specialised knowledge of the technical personnel, also efforts and consistent work. We worked as a team and that was our formula leading to success”, – stated R. Šidlovski.

The new system is characterised by a few significant advantages, one of which allows to avoid possible aircraft conflict situations. “When using InNOVA system, the air traffic controller can also see the information sent by aircraft transponder Mode S. Mode S is a transponder regime, sending information about the speed of the aircraft, the route of flight level thereof. From now on the air traffic controllers can see all this information on their computer screens, therefore, it is no longer necessary to ask the pilot”, told T. Pagirys.

According to the air traffic controller, that is important in order to ensure the safety of the flights. “For example, the air traffic controller instructs the aircraft to reach the height of 280 FL, whereas due to a mistake the pilot determines 260 or 270 FL, nevertheless, the new system enables us to identify the mistake immediately and also allows to correct it”, explained T. Pagirys, who also added that the received aircraft speed information is also relevant, since seeing the precise speed of the aircraft, the air traffic controller can undertake actions to adjust the speed and to create a sequence for the simultaneously approaching aircraft, thus ensuring a safe distance between them.

Another benefit of the new air traffic control system is the integration of Vilnius Aerodrome surveillance radar and multisensory aerodrome surveillance system information into this system. “The air traffic controllers are enabled to see what is happening on the platform, on the runway or on taxiway on the same screen. Such accurate visibility is a very significant advantage under poor visibility conditions and at night time, when the usual visibility through the window is impeded”, noted the air traffic controller.

Another significant innovation of the system encompasses the automatic safety functions, which enable the air traffic controllers to receive warnings, in case a certain obstacle occurs on the runway. “In case a situation occurs when an air traffic controller forgets that somebody has entered the runway territory or such an entry is performed without the permission of the air traffic controller, while an aircraft is preparing for landing or take-off at the same time, a signal of system would be activated immediately and the air traffic controller would be able to undertake the necessary actions right away: to eliminate the obstacle or to divert the aircraft for repeated approach for landing”, such benefits of the new system were shared by T. Pagirys.


About state enterprise Oro Navigacija:

State enterprise Oro Navigacija is a certified European air traffic service provider, which is the sole provider of air traffic control, communications, navigation and surveillance as well as air navigation information within the entire airspace of the Republic of Lithuania, also above the territorial waters and within the airspace of the Baltic Sea, which is part of Vilnius Flight Information Region. Air traffic controllers of the Enterprise, the number of which working at all the air traffic control centres, consequently their number in the entire country, merely reaches one hundred, constantly ensure the safety of the airspace within the area of their responsibility.

The enterprise also guarantees continuous activity of Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre, organisation and coordination of search and rescue works, in case of aircraft accident.

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