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Oro Navigacija: the number of flights in February decreased by 60 percent

Despite more activity witnessed in the flight flows during the last few weeks, the number of flights in February remained small. In comparison to February of the last year, the flight flows decreased by 60 percent and comprised almost 6.9 thousand flights, whereas the number of overflights decreased by 56 percent (5.6 thousand flights).

“Even though the statistics of February does not yet show the signs of recovery, the increasing number of flights during the first weeks of March brings hope not only for the aviation sector in general, but also to the people, who will be affected by the restrictions the most. The most up-to-date world surveys show that people have missed the flights and travels: 68 percent of the interviewed people stated that their quality of life deteriorated due to having no possibilities to travel. Movement restrictions had emotional, social and economic impact. 40 percent of the interviewed people claimed that inability to travel caused emotional stress for them. One third of the survey respondents indicated that the implemented restrictions impeded their business opportunities”, stated the acting Chief Executive Officer of Oro Navigacija Redvita Četkauskienė.

According to R. Četkauskienė, despite the fact that now the focus should be on health safety of the society and rapid vaccination opportunities, the aviation sector must be ready to control the possible risks and to assist people in returning to travelling as everyone is accustomed to.

In February the biggest number of overflights across Lithuania were to the Russian Federation, air traffic controllers provided services to 1783 flights. Germany took the second place with 841 flight, whereas China was the third with 420 flights.

During the last month most of the flights from Lithuania were to Riga (77 flights), Warsaw (53 flights) and London (53 flights).

This year during February most of the flights within the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania were executed by Russian airlines Aeroflot (430 flights), Rossiya Airlines (276 flights) and Ural Airlines, the aircraft of the latter flew over the Republic of Lithuania 274 times.

In February most of the aircraft took off and landed at Vilnius Airport: 832 aircraft were provided services at this airport or almost 76 percent less than during the same period last year. 257 aircraft were provided services at Kaunas Airport (64 percent less than last year), air traffic controllers in Šiauliai provided services to 194 aircraft (merely 1 percent less than last year), whereas Palanga Airport provided services to 61 aircraft (82 percent less than last year).

The peak day of all flights was the 4th of February. 290 aircraft were in the airspace over the Republic of Lithuania.

About the air navigation services provided by the enterprise:

In every country seeking to ensure that flights take place safely, efficiently and on time, aircraft are provided air navigation services from the moment the aircraft leaves the parking zone until it lands at the destination airport. State enterprise Oro Navigacija provides these services within the Lithuanian airspace and at Lithuanian airports.

The airlines pay route and terminal charges for using the airspace and the air navigation services provided within it. These charges comprise the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the country, the airspace of which is used. Oro Navigacija covers its expenses from its main activity, i.e., delivery of air navigation services, entirely, and is not maintained from the state budget.

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