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The darkest month is already behind us, but we’ll have to wait for the rapid recovery

The flight statistics for May allows us to relax a little bit and inspires us with optimism since the emptiest airspace is already behind us. In comparison to black April, in May the number of terminal flights increased by 10.2 percent, the number of overflights – by 28 percent, while the overall number of flights bounced up by 25.9 percent.

Nevertheless, in May the overall number of flights within the airspace, in comparison to May last year, decreased by 78.2 percent and reached 5345 flights, whereas the number of overflights decreased by 77 percent (4324 flights).

“While Lithuania and other countries important for the national aviation of the state open their airspaces, we await patiently, how various airlines shall react and expect them to be pro-active. Nonetheless, so far, we witness certain caution of the airlines, thus, we do not expect June to be the month of rapid recovery yet”, stated Marius Beliūnas, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija.

In May most of the overflights across Lithuania were to the Russian Federation – air traffic controllers delivered services to 1101 flights. Germany was in the second place with 1024 flights and China was third with 489 flights. Just like in April during the previous month a growth was recorded in the number of overflights to South Korea.

In May the main airlines executing overflights were Aeroflot, Lufthansa and cargo airlines AirbridgeCargo. It is a positive tendency that in May all the airlines organised the flights more frequently and actively than in April. The leaders in the terminal flight market were cargo airlines EAT, SprintAir, Transaviabaltika and GetJet which carried cargoes.

In May most of the flights from Lithuania were to Germany – 67 flights, Latvia – 54 flights and the Russian Federation – 40 flights. Most of the flights to Lithuania were also from Germany – 72 flights, Latvia – 58 flights, and the Russian Federation – 36 flights.

During the last month, the biggest number of taking-off and landing aircraft was recorded at Vilnius Airport, it handled 503 aircraft or 89 percent less than during the same period last year. 272 aircraft were handled at Kaunas Airport (69 percent less than last year), 212 aircraft – at Šiauliai Airport (37.2 percent less than last year) and 46 aircraft were delivered services at Palanga Airport (88 percent less than last year).

The peak days for all flights were Thursdays and Wednesdays, while for overflights it was Sundays.

About the air navigation services provided by the enterprise:

In every country seeking to ensure that flights take place safely, efficiently and on time, aircraft are provided air navigation services from the moment the aircraft leaves the parking zone until it lands at the destination airport. State enterprise Oro Navigacija provides these services within the Lithuanian airspace and at Lithuanian airports.

The airlines pay route and terminal charges for using the airspace and the air navigation services provided within it. These charges comprise the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the country, the airspace of which is used.



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