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Oro Navigacija published the financial results of the enterprise for 2019: the profit contribution amounted to more than one million Euros

The confirmed audited net profit received by state enterprise Oro Navigacija in 2019 amounted to 3,095 thousand EUR and was higher by 2,973 thousand EUR than it was expected back in 2018 when the enterprise earned 4,329 thousand EUR of net profit. In accordance with the profit of the 2019 distribution project ratified by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the profit contribution paid by the enterprise to the state budget this year amounted to 1,185 thousand EUR.

Last year state enterprise Oro Navigacija earned 29,163 thousand EUR of income, thus the expected income was exceeded by 120 thousand EUR. The income of the enterprise is composed of the income from the main activity (income from air navigation services), financial activity income, and other activity income. In 2019 the income from air navigation services reached 27,697 thousand EUR and comprised 95.0 percent of the gross sum of income received by the enterprise. The income from air navigation services is composed of the route and terminal charges, which cover the incurred expenses related to the provision of air navigation services. Other activity income (air navigation information and other income related to aviation activity) grew by as much as 69.8 percent during the reporting period and in the overall income structure for 2019 comprised 4.4 percent.

“Despite the decreased profitability, in 2019 Oro Navigacija achieved all the expected main financial indicators. The previous year was successful not only from the financial point of view but from the perspective of activity management and organisation as well. At the beginning of the year state enterprise Oro Navigacija became the first state enterprise to introduce anticorruption management system in accordance with ISO 37001 standard, which has been officially certified. At the end of the year Governance Coordination Centre which promotes the introduction of best management principles recognised state enterprise Oro Navigacija as the state enterprise which was the best in the introduction of anticorruption measures and presented the award of the leader in anticorruption measures. This award was achieved by consistently implementing the strategy of the enterprise, focusing on the transparency of the activity” stated the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the enterprise Marius Beliūnas, who also emphasized that this year the enterprise will focus on such priorities as the safe and qualitative provision of air navigation services.

During the last year, the expenses of the enterprise amounted to 26,068 thousand EUR and were 0.4 percent higher in comparison to 2018. The personnel expenses of the enterprise were 16,671 thousand EUR and comprised 64.0 percent of the gross sum of expenses. The expenses related to equipment maintenance were reduced due to the procedure of organisation of communication, navigation and surveillance equipment maintenance and repair, consequently amounting to 1,132 thousand EUR.

In 2019 both the overall number of flights and the number of terminal flights in the Lithuanian airspace increased: 269.2 thousand flights were delivered services during the last year, as it is customary, three fourths of them (76 percent or 204.3 thousand) were transit flights. The overall number of flights in comparison to 2018 increased by 1.2 percent per year, the number of transit flights grew by 1.1 percent.

In 2019 the main customers of Oro Navigacija were the following airlines: Aeroflot from the Russian Federation, Ryanair from Ireland, and Air Baltic from Latvia. These airlines paid both route and terminal charges since they operated flights to and from the international airports of the Republic of Lithuania.

About the activity of the enterprise:

State enterprise Oro Navigacija is a certified European provider of air navigation services, which provides air traffic control also communication, navigation and surveillance as well as air navigation services within the whole airspace of the Republic of Lithuania, also above the territorial waters and within the airspace of the Baltic Sea, which is part of Vilnius flight information region. 

Approximately three fourths of the flights operated within the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania are transit flights, during which the aircraft fly within the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania, but take-off or land at the airports of other countries. Airlines pay route charges for the air navigation services provided to the airlines during such flights. When the aircraft take-off from one of the Lithuanian airports, a terminal charge is applied for the air navigation services provided to the airlines.

In accordance with the signed multilateral contract Lithuania entrusts EUROCONTROL to calculate the air navigation charges and to collect them on its behalf. The expenses, related to calculation and collection of the charges, are reimbursed by the users of the airspace.

The provided air navigation services are recognised as service export since they are mostly used by foreign economic subjects (approximately 99 percent). The enterprise covers its expenses from its main activity entirely, thus it is not maintained from the state budget.

More than 900 airlines include the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania into their routes. In order to make sure that the flights take place safely, efficiently and on time, the aircraft is delivered air navigation services from the moment it moves from the parking place to the moment it lands at the destination airport in every country. State enterprise Oro Navigacija is responsible for these services within the Lithuanian airspace and at Lithuanian airports.

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