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Growing number of flights witnessed at the end of April

At the beginning of April, the flight statistics did not exhibit positive trends, nevertheless, on the last days of this month the curve of flights went distinctly upwards and the results of the second week of quarantine were reached.

In April the total number of flights within the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania in comparison to April of the last year decreased by 80.7 percent and amounted to 4243 flights, while the number of overflights decreased by 79.4 percent (3377 flights).

“Assessing the situation of Lithuania and comparing it with that of the other countries which use the services of EUROCONTROL, we can notice that the decrease in numbers is one of the smallest. While at the end of April a fractional tendency of growth was witnessed and the renewal of flights was planned, thus, in turn allowing to expect that the consistent growth in the number of flights will be maintained and in July we will rejoice due to increased number of flights. Nevertheless, despite the number of flights, the enterprise is currently and will be in the future focusing on ensuring the safety of flights and making sure that people residing in Lithuania, European, as well as other countries, receive disposable masks, respirators, overalls, and other personal protective equipment from COVID-19 brought by aircraft, while the pilots and crews of the aircraft carrying both passengers and cargoes come back to their families waiting at home safely” claimed Marius Beliūnas, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija.

In April most of the overflights across Lithuania were to the Russian Federation – air traffic controllers delivered services to 893 flights. Germany was in the second place – 797 flights were delivered services and China was the third with 379 flights that received the services. The growth of overflights to South Korea was recorded in April. Another significant growth was recorded in the overflights from Luxembourg across Lithuania (in April their number reached 135, while during the same month last year there were only 63 overflights).

The main airlines executing overflights, all of which increased the number of flights in comparison to the previous year, were cargo airlines AirBridgeCargo (Russian Federation), Aerologic (Germany) and Cargolux (Luxembourg).  

During the first three months this year the biggest number of flights were executed to Germany – 59 flights, Russian Federation – 41 flights, and Latvia– 39 flights. Most of the flights to Lithuania were also from Germany – 63 flights, Russian Federation – 43 flights, and Latvia – 40 flights.

During the previous month most of the aircraft took-off and landed at Vilnius Airport. This airport delivered services to 349 aircraft and the number was smaller by 91 percent in comparison to the same period last year. Kaunas Airport delivered services to 241 aircraft (70.5 percent less than last year), Palanga Airport delivered services to 6 aircraft only (98 percent less than last year), while Šiauliai Airport witnessed a growth of 16 percent – 278 aircraft were delivered services.

The busiest days in April were the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 20th, 29th and 30th. Air traffic controllers delivered services to 2,202 flights during these days.

About the air navigation services provided by the enterprise:

In every country seeking to ensure that flights take place safely, efficiently and on time, aircraft are provided air navigation services from the moment the aircraft leaves the parking zone until it lands at the destination airport. State enterprise Oro Navigacija provides these services within the Lithuanian airspace and at Lithuanian airports.

The airlines pay route and terminal charges for using the airspace and the air navigation services provided within it. These charges comprise the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the country, the airspace of which is used.

Oro Navigacija covers its expenses from its main activity, i.e. delivery of air navigation services, entirely, and is not maintained from the state budget.

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