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The successful growth of the number of flights comes to a halt due to pandemic

Even though the first quarter of this year was marked by the growth in the number of flights within the Lithuanian airspace, in March, when the airports started closing down in various countries of the world, the number of flights dropped down. In comparison to March 2019 their number decreased by even 34 percent.

In comparison to the previous year the total number of flights during the first quarter of this year within the Lithuanian airspace decreased by 10.1 percent, the number of overflights dropped likewise, namely, by 10.7 percent.

“Due to restrictions enforced because of the pandemic the aviation is experiencing stagnation in Lithuania, just like in the rest of the world. Without any doubt this situation had a significant impact upon the total number of flights within the Lithuanian airspace. The bulk of the flights was always composed of the overflights, the number of which dropped down by even 80 percent during the last days”, stated Mindaugas Gustys, the CEO of state enterprise Oro Navigacija. He also forecasts that the second quarter of this year might be the worst during the whole history of the company: “We expect the number of the flights to decrease by 80-90 percent in April and May, how we will be doing in June will depend greatly on the further spread of the virus and what scenarios will be undertaken to control it.”

During the first quarter of this year the biggest number of overflights crossing Lithuania were to the Russian Federation. The air traffic controllers delivered services to 9826 flights. Germany took the second place with 5892 flights, while Latvia was the third with 2271 flights.

During the first three months of the year the biggest number of flights from Lithuania were to the United Kingdom – 790, Latvia – 638 and Germany – 591. The biggest number of flights to Lithuania were also from the United Kingdom – 787, Latvia – 633 and Germany – 598.

From January to March most of the aircraft took off and landed at Vilnius Airport, thus, 9231 aircraft were delivered services here, this number was smaller by 9.8 than during the same period of the last year. 2090 aircraft which took off and landed were delivered services at Kaunas Airport (4.6 percent less than the last year), the number of aircraft delivered services at Palanga Airport remained almost the same in comparison to the previous year and reached 856 (merely 0.12 percent less than the last year), 587 aircraft were delivered services at Šiauliai Airport (2.2 percent less).

About the air navigation services provided by the company:

In order to make sure that the flights take place safely, efficiently and on time, the aircraft is delivered air navigation services from the moment it moves from the parking place to the moment it lands at the destination airport in every country. State enterprise Oro Navigacija is responsible for these services within the Lithuanian airspace and at Lithuanian airports.

The airlines pay route and terminal charges for using the airspace and the air navigation services delivered within it. These funds constitute the reimbursement for the expenses incurred by the country the airspace of which is used.

In accordance with the signed multilateral contract Lithuania entrusts Eurocontrol to calculate the air navigation changes and to collect them on its behalf. The expenses, related to calculation and collection of the charges, are reimbursed by the users of airspace.

For example, when the aircraft fly across the Lithuanian airspace, but take off or land in the airports of other countries, the airlines pay route charges for the air navigation services delivered to the airlines during such flights. When the aircraft take off from one of the Lithuanian airports, a terminal charge is collected for the air navigation services delivered to the airlines.

Oro Navigacija covers its expenses from its main activity, namely, provision of air navigation services, entirely, and thus it is not maintained from the state budget.


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