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The usual decrease in the number of flights recorded in October

The flight flows that kept following the growing trend in August and September, dropped back down to the level of July in October. In comparison to October of the last year, the flight flows decreased by 60 percent and comprised almost 10 thousand flights, whereas the number of overflights shrank by 59 percent and reached 7.4 thousand flights.

“The downfall trend in the number of flights is characteristic to October every year. It is rather typical, because as the warm weather season ends, the intensive period of holiday travels also comes to an end, which subsequently has a significant influence upon the number of the flights. This year is completely different for the aviation and, unfortunately, assessing the last forecasts of EUROCONTROL, the flight flows might return to the numbers of the last year not earlier than by 2024. That is the most optimistic scenario, whereas the realistic scenario declares that only 92 percent of the flights will be restored by 2024”, stated Chief Executive Officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija Marius Beliūnas.

In October most of the overflights across Lithuanian were to the Russian Federation, air traffic controllers provided services to 2626 aircraft on this destination. The other two countries of the top three were Germany with 949 serviced flights and China with 356 serviced flights.

The main airlines that executed overflights in October were Ural Airlines, Aeroflot, Rossiya Airlines, Airbaltic and Pobeda Airlines.

The most popular destinations for terminal flights were Vilnius – London (143 flights), Vilnius – Riga (138 flights), Vilnius – Warsaw (87 flights).

During the previous month most of the aircraft took off and landed at Vilnius Airport, which provided services to 1489 aircraft, that in turn was 67 percent less than during the same period last year. 492 aircraft received services at Kaunas Airport (48 percent less than during the same period last year), 202 aircraft at Šiauliai Airport (17 percent less than during the same period last year), while 177 aircraft were rendered services at Palanga Airport (54 percent less than during the same period last year).

The peak day of the month was the 16th of October. 359 aircraft flew across the airspace of Lithuania on that day.

About the air navigation services provided by the enterprise:

In every country seeking to ensure that flights take place safely, efficiently and on time, aircraft are provided air navigation services from the moment the aircraft leaves the parking zone until it lands at the destination airport. State enterprise Oro Navigacija provides these services within the Lithuanian airspace and at Lithuanian airports.

The airlines pay route and terminal charges for using the airspace and the air navigation services provided within it. These charges comprise the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the country, the airspace of which is used. Oro Navigacija covers its expenses from its main activity, i.e. delivery of air navigation services, entirely, and is not maintained from the state budget.

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