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Members of ‘Schoolchildren to Government Project’ get acquainted with Oro navigacija’s activities

On 22nd August Oro navigacija was visited by members of ‘Schoolchildren to Government Project‘, who met with representatives of four divisions of the enterprise and were acquainted with its activities.

Rytis Gerlikas, who graduated from Klaipėda Lyceum this year, and Gabrielė Poškutė, Vilnius Lyceum graduate, were interested in the services provided by the enterprise and functioning of its divisions. Both young people plan to continue their studies in Amsterdam and London in the near future but they say that it is likely that after graduation they will come back to Lithuania.

A presentation on the enterprise‘s activities was given to the students and later they were acquainted with the work of the Aeronautical Information Service Division, visited the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre, familiarised themselves with the specific features of an air traffic controller’s job in the Area Control and the Aerodromes Control Centres.

“It is gratifying for me to know that the young generation is interested in aviation. We make constant efforts in attracting professionals who love aviation. You never know, after graduation abroad these young people may join Oro navigacija’s team in the future”, says Mindaugas Gustys, CEO of the enterprise.

It is for the 11th time that the project is taking place this year, and dozens of gifted young people, engaged in active citizenship, from all over Lithuania have been participating in it.

The project is organised annually by the Lithuanian Government Office together with ministries. The project aims to encourage young people studying in Lithuania and abroad to become interested in the activities of Lithuanian state institutions and get acquainted with the principles of work in public sector. Project members familiarise with institutions, its subordinate bodies, organise joint tasks in relationship with institutions’ employees, and also communicate with well-known people, opinion leaders.

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