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Stability of flight directions and new growth leaders in the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania

In July, destinations of most popular transit flights to Lithuania did not change remaining mainly to Russia, Germany and Finland. However, according to the number of flights, the largest number of airlines using Lithuanian airspace changed their places.

In July 2019, the Lithuanian airspace serviced 27.4 thousand flights, i.e. 1.2 percent more than at the same time last year. The largest number of scheduled flights serviced was 22.9 thousand (Comprising 83.5 percent of all flights served). 3 thousand charter flights were serviced in July, of them, 596 of general aviation, 776 of military flights, and 122 of other flights. In July 2019, only the number of general aviation flights fell (serving 4.7 percent less than in July 2018), while volumes of other types of flights grew slightly. The number of military flights increased the most, with with 31 percent more military flights served in July 2019 than last year.

‘The top five users of the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania have remained unchanged for several years – with the established airlines of Latvia, Finland, Russia and Germany. Airlines are only marginally changing places back the number of flights performed’, says Mindaugas Gustys, Director General of Air Navigation.

The Latvian airline Air Baltic which ranked second in terms of the number of flights last year, in July 2019 performed the largest number of flights in Lithuania – 2.8 thousand. Finnair, the leader of July last year, ranks second this year with 2.7 thousand flights, in the third place is the Russian Aeroflot (2 thousand flights), fourth – German Lufthansa (1.6 thousand flights), fifth – Russian Rossiya Airlines (1.6 thousand flights). The positions of the last three airlines in the top five have not changed.

Air Baltic has demonstrated the greatest growth, with 16.4 percent more flights in July 2019 than in July 2018. The number of Aeroflot and Rossiya Airlines flights has significantly increased, with the companies having performed 7.7 percent and 13.3 percent more flights, while Finnair and Lufthansa, remaining in the top five of the major flyers in the Lithuania airspace, made 1.1 percent and 5.1 percent less flights in July 2019.

More than three-quarters (77.9 percent ) of all flights in 2 July 019 were transit flights amounting to 21.3 thousand (1.1 percent more than last year).

The top five transit destinations remained stable, although the number of flights slightly changed. The main transit countries from Lithuania are: Russian Federation (4.7 thousand flights in July 2019 – 3.8 percent less than in July 2018), Germany (2.9 thousand flights – 1 percent less), Finland (1.8 thousand flights – 4.5 percent more), Latvia (1.6 thousand flights – 12.2 percent more) and China (859 flights – 89.2 percent more). The main countries of transit through Lithuania are: Russian Federation (5 thousand flights in July 2019 – 0.6 percent less than in July 2018), Germany (2.4 thousand flights – 5.3 percent less), Finland (1.8 thousand flights – 1.6 percent less), Latvia (1.6 thousand flights – 13.9 percent more) and France (941 flights – 34.4 percent more).

The airspace of the Republic of Lithuania was mainly used for transit by the Latvian airline Air Baltic, Turkish Airlines from Turkey, Russian Aeroflot, Rossiya Airlines and Siberian Airlines. The number of the latter flights in transit through Lithuania increased the fastest – by 45.2 percent. In July, 2019 Air Baltic had 2,1 thousand flights to Lithuania, Turkish Airlines – 493, Aeroflot – 1.9 thousand, Rossiya Airlines – 1.6 thousand, Siberian Airlines – 408 flights. The growth of all the aforementioned companies was 21.5, 15.7, 8.6, 13.1 and 45.2 percent, respectively, compared to July 2018.

The number of terminal flights in July 2019 was 6 thousand, i.e. 1.8 percent higher than last July.

Destinations with the highest number of flights from Lithuania in July 2019: United Kingdom (322 flights and 5.2 percent growth compared to July 2018), Latvia (289 flights and 11.15 percent growth), Poland (272 flights and 3.2 percent decline), Germany (256 flights and 1 percent decline), Russia (142 flights and 17.36 percent growth). The directions of flights to Lithuania are also slightly different: most flights were from the United Kingdom (323 flights – 5.2 percent more than last year), Latvia (285 flights – an increase of 8.4 percent ), Germany (266 flights – 3.1 percent more), Poland (263 flights – 4.7 percent less) and Denmark (133 flights – 13.1 percent less).

According to the signed multilateral agreement, Lithuania entrusts the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, Eurocontrol, with the task of calculating and collecting air navigation charges on its own behalf. The costs related to the calculation and collection of the charges are paid by the airspace users.

Terminal flights are the flights in which the aircraft flew in the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania and took off or landed at one of the Lithuanian airports, transit flights are the flights in which the aircraft flew in the Lithuanian airspace but took off/landed in the airports of other countries. Airlines pay route charges for air navigation services provided to airlines during transit flights. When aircraft take off at one of the Lithuanian airports, the terminal charges are paid for air navigation services provided to the airlines.

General aviation flights are the flights when airplanes are used for leisure, tourism, educational purposes or other, without a predetermined schedule, unlike in the case of airlines.



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