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Oro navigacija Plans to Provide Remote Tower Services for Two Aerodromes

The State Enterprise Oro navigacija is planning to start providing the Remote Tower Services (RTS) for two Lithuanian airports. To choose the best technological solution, an invitation to a preliminary market consultation was announced last week.

Currently, the air traffic control services are being provided from five air traffic control centres, i.e. Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga, and Šiauliai Aerodrome Control Centres wherefrom services are rendered to arrivals and departures, and the Area Control Centre in Vilnius which handles overflights crossing the Lithuanian airspace at a flight level above 3 km. All these services are provided by employees of Oro navigacija.

It has been planned that, starting from 2021, Kaunas and Palanga aerodromes will be provided with remote air traffic control services from the Remote Tower Centre to be installed in Vilnius. At the beginning, the services are planned to be provided from the new Administrative and the Area Control Centre building, the construction of which will soon be completed.  

The aerodrome control services for the arriving and departing aircraft will remain the same, only these services are planned to be provided by using modern technology equipment which will be operated and maintained by the staff of Oro navigacija.

Last week, while seeking for the best technological solution for the Remote Tower Services, an invitation to the preliminary market consultation was published in the portal of the Central Public Procurement. Each participant of the market consultation will have an opportunity to demonstrate the proposed solution for the Remote Tower Centre and its capabilities to specialists of the enterprise.

After evaluating the solutions proposed by each potential supplier, we plan to announce public procurement for acquisition of solutions for the Remote Tower Centre.

It has been foreseen that, by the beginning of 2020, a contract will be concluded with the most successful supplier who will have to implement provision of the Remote Tower Services for Kaunas and Palanga aerodromes over the year 2020. The Remote Tower Centre, wherefrom services to aircraft arriving at/departing from Kaunas and Palanga aerodromes, is planned to set up in Oro navigacija’s premises in Vilnius.

Successful implementation of the Remote Tower Services for Kaunas and Palanga airports would lead to considering provision of services, based on the same principle, to Vilnius and Šiauliai aerodromes. By implementing such innovative provision of services in the Lithuanian airports, Oro navigacija expects to enhance flight safety and efficiency of services.


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