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Two Boeing Models Banned from Flying over Lithuanian Airspace

After the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) imposed a ban on use of models of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Boeing 737 MAX 9 in the European Union airspace, aircraft of these models were banned from flying over the Lithuanian airspace on March 12.

To ensure safety of flights, the SE Oro navigacija suspended issuance of permits for aircraft of these models to arrive, depart and cross the Lithuanian airspace. The ban on the use of Lithuanian airspace for these types of aircraft will be valid for an indefinite period, until EASA decides otherwise.

Oro navigacija cooperates closely with the authorities involved in ensuring flight safety and is looking forward to further instructions.

The ban on the use of these types of aircraft was imposed by EASA following the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing MAX 8, killing 157 people.


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