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New stage of noise management in Vilnius airport

Noise management is one of the major challenges that airports all over the world have to cope with. For several years Vilnius Airport and SE Oro navigacija have been cooperating in implementation of individual initiatives on noise abatement. This year these initiatives have grown into a long-term commitment: Vilnius Airport and Oro navigacija have signed an agreement on implementation of complex noise abatement measures. A detailed long-term plan includes the ways helping to control the aircraft noise zones.

A clear distinction between the noise management plan established in the cooperation agreement and the previously applied measures lies in its complexity, i.e. management of noise will be carried out in a number of interdependent and complementary directions.

The first part of the plan provides for noise reduction at airport operations. Although noise abatement measures set out in the Aeronautical Information Publication are already being applied today, possibilities of using additional measures such as delayed deceleration operations, ground-based aircraft manoeuvrability with one engine, etc. will be further analysed this year. There will be also night restrictions on training flights.

In 2019, alongside with reduction of noise at operations in 2019, another direction of activities will be related to route adjustments and control of compliance with them. Oro navigacija’s specialists plan to adjust one of the approach routes and reduce the zone of aircraft manoeuvrability above Vilnius so that inhabitants of Vilnius were less exposed to aircraft noise.

“We are pleased to note that we will contribute to noise reduction in the vicinity of Vilnius Airport, by adjusting the routes and providing Vilnius Airport with the data on flight path”, says Mindaugas Gustys, CEO of SE Oro navigacija.

“In 2019 we will perform variant noise modelling to evaluate each route and its impact zone. We will then be able to purposefully change the routes or frequency of their use and reduce the noise level in the city without having any negative impact on operation of the airport.  A ban on night departures came into force at the end of 2018, and we intend to regulate departure routes more strictly round the clock”, says Dainius Čiuplys, Director of Vilnius Airport.

Continuous monitoring and measurement of noise is the third measure for reducing it. The noise monitoring system of Vilnius Airport, which became fully operational at the beginning of the year, will allow – in support of technical means available at Oro navigacija – to monitor compliance with the established requirements. Due to this system the noise management control has been taken over completely by specialists of Vilnius Airport, i.e. the airport will be able to perform noise assessment, complaint analysis and noise mapping.

A number of measures for reducing noise were started already in 2018. Slowing down aircraft by increasing the air resistance and aircraft engine testing are no longer allowed at night. The requirement for use of the Noise Abatement Departure Procedure while taking off also came into effect.

In 2017 one-fifth of the departure routes became subject to the Continuous Climb Operations. Due to these operations, the climb of an aircraft takes place continuously so that the time and intensity of noise can be reduced.

SE Oro navigacija

Oro navigacija is the sole Lithuanian company providing air navigation services to aircraft operating in the Lithuanian airspace, including the commercial, military and general aviation flights. In 2018 specialists of Oro navigacija provided services to more than 266 thousand flights. The company also carries out research into the development of innovations in aviation.

Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport belongs to the Lithuanian Airport network which operates the airports of Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. In 2018 the Lithuanian airports rendered services to 6.3 million passengers and handled 61 thousand flights. During the winter season, 15 airlines conduct flights in 66 directions to 57 cities in 27 countries.  According to the International Airport Council (ACI Europe), Lithuanian airports contribute to Lithuania’s GDP by 2.5 per cent.


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