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Results in January: More Flights to Riga and Moscow, Less to London and Copenhagen

In January of 2019, the most popular directions of flights operated from Lithuania were Riga, London, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Moscow. This year, there has been a slight decrease in air traffic flow to London and Copenhagen, however, there has been a considerable increase in number of flights between the capitals of Lithuania and Russia.

Flights operated from Lithuania to Riga made up 239 (increase by 4.8 per cent, compared to January of last year), to London 209 (less by 2.3 per cent), to Warsaw 205 (increase by 6.8 per cent), to Copenhagen 144 (less by 4 per cent), to Moscow 101 (increase by 44.3 per cent). As concerns the cities wherefrom majority of flights were being operated to Lithuania, the sequence of cities is the same, according to the Lithuanian Air Navigation Service Provider SE Oro navigacija.

The largest number of transit flights over the Lithuanian airspace were operated to the Russian Federation (3.4 thousand flights, compared to January of last year, increase by 11.1 per cent), Germany (2.5 thousand, increase by 4.4 per cent), Latvia (969 flights, decrease by 5.6 per cent), Finland (787, decrease by 16 per cent), China (681, increase by 4.5 per cent).

The five countries, wherefrom transit flights over Lithuania have been performed, are as follows: the Russian Federation (3.4 thousand, increase by 14.6 per cent, compared to January of last year), Germany (2 thousand, less by 11.2 per cent), Finland (1021 flights, less by 3 per cent), Latvia (1015 flights, increase by 12.8 per cent), France (679 flights, less by 0.2 per cent).

Overflights, during which aircraft cross the Lithuanian airspace by transit but take off from/land at airports of other countries,  accounted for three fourths of the total number of flights operated in the Lithuanian airspace. Air companies pay the route charges for the air navigation services provided to overflights. When aircraft take off from a Lithuanian airport, air companies pay a terminal charge for the services provided.

The route and terminal charges cover the costs related to provision of air navigation services incurred by the state.

According to the Multilateral Agreement Lithuania has delegated the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) billing and collection of charges on its behalf. Costs of billing and collection of charges are covered by airspace users.

The air navigation services are export services as they are mostly used by foreign economic entities (99 per cent). Costs of the enterprise are fully covered by revenue from main activities and the enterprise receives no funds from the state budget.

More than 30 thousand flights are daily performed in the European skies. Just like in 2017, in 2018 the number of air companies, users of the Lithuanian airspace, made up 542.


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