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Flight results for eleven months: most popular destinations

The growth of both total and transit flights was more than one percent in 11 months of this year.

In January to November, the air traffic controllers of Oro Navigacija handled 249.7 thousand flights, i.e. 1.2 percent more during at the same time last year. More than three-quarters (76 percent or 189.7 thousand) of all flights were overflights. As Oro Navigacija announced, the number of transit flights increased by 1.2 percent compared to the same period last year.

In January to November 2019, the most popular destinations from Lithuania were the United Kingdom (3,152 flights), Latvia (2,849 flights), Germany (2,517 flights), Poland (2,443 flights) and Denmark (1,818 flights). The highest numbers of overflights flights were to the Russian Federation (44,168 flights), Germany (29,151 flights), Finland (14,404 flights), Latvia (13,902 flights) and China (7,771 flights).

From the start of aircraft movement on the apron until its landing on the destination airport, air navigation services are provided in every state in the attempt to ensure the safety, efficiency and timeliness of flights. Oro Navigacija is air navigation service provider in the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania.

Air carriers pay route and terminal charges for the use of airspace and for the provision of air navigation services therein. This is the compensation of costs incurred by the country for using its airspace.

According to the multilateral agreement, Lithuania entrusts the organisation Eurocontrol with the task of calculating and collecting air navigation charges on its own behalf. The costs related to the calculation and collection of the charges are paid by the airspace users.

For example, when aircraft fly through the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania but take off or land at airports in other countries, airlines pay route charges for air navigation services provided to airlines during these flights. When aircraft take off at one of the Lithuanian airports, the terminal charges are paid for air navigation services provided to the airlines.

Oro Navigacija costs are fully covered by revenues from the main business of providing air navigation services and the company is not maintained by the state budget.



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