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Experts in Vilnius discussed aviation challenges

The European InterFAB Performance Workshop was held in Lithuania for the first time. At the event that took place in Vilnius on October 23-24, air navigation service providers from seven European countries and representatives of supervisory authorities discussed the challenges posed by changing weather conditions, causes of flights delays and other relevant issues.

According to Mindaugas Gustys, CEO of State Enterprise Oro Navigacija, the organiser of the event in Lithuania, the aim of the seminar was to bring together performance professionals from different functional airspace blocks for discussion on top issues and sharing best practices.

Functional airspace blocks

“InterFAB is a platform for collaboration between functional airspace blocks (FAB) with the active participation of 5-6 functional airspace blocks. The FABs representatives collaborate to share best practices addressing issues relevant to all air navigation service providers and airlines”, M. Gustys said.

“Lithuania together with Poland belongs to the Baltic Functional Airspace Block (BFAB), which, however, has only two members. If we were to interact only within the framework of this airspace block, we could only share experience with each other. The InterFAB platform offers us a much wider field of opportunities and experiences”, M. Gustys said.

Overlooking the experience of previous InterFAB events, the CEO of Oro Navigacija highlighted not only the benefits of sharing experience, but also the solutions introduced by market participants during the workshops to improve operational efficiency. For example, at the InterFAB seminar in Rome in spring, they discussed performance plans setting out the key performance targets for the five-year period, and practice of preparation in different functional airspace blocks.

“During the previous seminar, we learned about the performance plans of other countries, while Lithuania featured a number of discussions on the type of performance plan to be prepared – a national or a joint Baltic BFAB plan. During the discussion, we learned that all countries will develop national performance plans, with the exception of FABEC, whose members are required by national legislation to develop a common performance plan. As a result, a decision was taken later with the Lithuanian and Polish supervisory authorities to develop national performance plans”, M. Gustys said.

Most relevant topics on the agenda of the seminar

Representatives of five out of the nine functional airspace blocks operating in Europe attended the event in Vilnius:  FAB CE, bringing together Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia, FABEC consisting of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland, representatives of Baltic FAB, with its members Lithuania and Poland, and representatives of the Danube BFAB with Bulgaria and Romania, as well as the members of BLUE MED FAB, which includes Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta.

The event featured presentations on the role of air navigation service providers and ATM impact on aviation industry from Vilma Deltuvaitė, Head of Strategic Development and International Programs Division at State Enterprise Oro Navigacija, who said that presentation of the research results of social and economic benefits created by air navigation services highlighted the added value created by air navigation service providers to the economy and society.

“During the event, I also presented a project on weather uncertainties. Recently, weather uncertainties have becoming an increasingly relevant issue for air navigation service providers, therefore, this project should help to disclose the extent to which weather conditions and their volatility determine the performance of air navigation service providers”,  V. Deltuvaitė pointed out.

InterFAB Performance workshop was also attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration, Transport Competence Agency, and Lithuanian Hydrometerorological Service.

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