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Double-Digit Increase in Flight Number at Kaunas and Šiauliai Airports in October


At all four international airports of Lithuania, the number of flights went up in October. Compared to the same period last year, the double-digit growth in Kaunas and Šiauliai accounted for 16.6 and 22.8 per cent, respectively.

According ...

Eurocontrol Appreciates Lithuania’s Efforts in Reducing Carbon Emissions Despite Increase in Air Traffic


Despite continuous increase in air traffic, carbon dioxide emitted by aircraft went down in Lithuania. In May–September in Lithuania, zero delays due to considerable efforts of Lithuania’s air traffic controllers resulted in reduction of aircraft emission pollution. “Whereas ...

Lithuania in the Baltic Functional Airspace Block: Results of Seven Years and Plans for the Future


Established in 2012, the Baltic Functional Airspace Block (Baltic FAB) today is considered one of the most advanced airspace management projects in the European Union. The Lithuanian and Polish Air Navigation Service Providers are implementing the project aimed at increasing ...



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Experts in Vilnius discussed aviation challenges


The European InterFAB Performance Workshop was held in Lithuania for the first time. At the event that took place in Vilnius on October 23-24, air navigation service providers from seven European countries and representatives of supervisory authorities discussed the challenges ...

More efficient measures to reduce aircraft noise


It seems that cities, with an airport located at a distance that is fast to reach, appreciate highly such a convenience, however, like any other convenience, it has its own cost: the disturbing aircraft noise in certain suburbs of a ...

Air Traffic for Past Nine Months: Moderate Growth and Traditional Flight Directions


Over the three quarters of this year, moderate growth of air traffic in the Lithuanian airspace was recorded: the number of flights handled made up 206.2 thousand, i.e. was higher by 1 per cent, compared to the same ...

In August flight number increases by 3.6 per cent


In August the number of flights handled in the Lithuanian airspace made up 27 thousand and was by 3.6 per cent higher than in the same time last year. On the peak day, the 3rd of August, Saturday ...

Members of ‘Schoolchildren to Government Project’ get acquainted with Oro navigacija’s activities


On 22nd August Oro navigacija was visited by members of ‘Schoolchildren to Government Project‘, who met with representatives of four divisions of the enterprise and were acquainted with its activities.

Rytis Gerlikas, who graduated from Klaipėda Lyceum this year ...

Stability of flight directions and new growth leaders in the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania


In July, destinations of most popular transit flights to Lithuania did not change remaining mainly to Russia, Germany and Finland. However, according to the number of flights, the largest number of airlines using Lithuanian airspace changed their places.

In July ...

Stable flight growth in July, and the busiest day ever recorded


The number of flights handled in the Lithuanian airspace in July made up 27.4 thousand and was by 1.2 per cent higher, compared to the same period last year. The peak day of the month was 27 July ...

Air traffic flow stability observed in Lithuanian airspace


In the first half year of 2019, the number of flights handled in the Lithuanian airspace remained stable, compared with the respective period of 2018 (126.3 thousand, 2019; 126.4 thousand, 2018).

“The air traffic dynamics have been determined ...

Growth of Charter Flights Recorded in May


In May of this year, the total flight number in the Lithuanian airspace reached 24.6 thousand and, compared to last year, remained almost unchanged (0.1 per cent increase was recorded). There was no considerable change in the number ...

Flight Number Increases by 2.3 Per Cent, Overflights by 3 Per Cent


In April 2019, the total number of flights in the Lithuanian airspace increased by 2.3 per cent, compared to last year, and reached 21.8 thousand. The number of flights crossing the Lithuanian airspace by transit made up 16 ...

Oro navigacija Plans to Provide Remote Tower Services for Two Aerodromes


The State Enterprise Oro navigacija is planning to start providing the Remote Tower Services (RTS) for two Lithuanian airports. To choose the best technological solution, an invitation to a preliminary market consultation was announced last week.

Currently, the air traffic ...

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