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New VFR Chart


The new VFR Chart (Effective from 28 MAR 2019) is now available in our online store.



The new AIP VFR (Effective from 28 MAR 2019, AMDT 48) is now available in our online store.


Oro navigacija Holds Certificate Proving Effectiveness of the Anti-Corruption Management System


The Lithuanian Air Navigation Service Provider SE Oro navigacija has become the first company ... Read more...

Vilnius Hosts a Seminar on Opportunities Opened by European Satellite Navigation Systems, Galileo and EGNOS


A seminar on Galileo and EGNOS, the satellite navigation systems which are increasingly being used in the European Union, is to be held in Vilnius on 27 March 2019. Practical application of these systems in various domains such as transport ...

SE Oro navigacija: Passenger Safety is our Highest Priority (updated)


The ban on flying over the Lithuanian airspace for Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Boeing 737 MAX 9 will be valid for an indefinite period, as long as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the authority responsible for oversight ...

iTEC members and Eurocontrol continue to grow their partnership


On March 13, 2019 in Madrid (Spain), at World ATM Congress 2019... Read more...

Two Boeing Models Banned from Flying over Lithuanian Airspace


After the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) imposed a ban on use of models of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Boeing 737 MAX 9 in the European Union airspace, aircraft of these models were banned from flying over the Lithuanian ...

Largest Growth in Flight Number in Kaunas and Palanga Airports


In February 2019, it was Kaunas and Palanga airports that saw the largest growth in flight number: compared to the same period of last year, it increased by almost one fourth. During the second month of this year, a slight ...

Results in January: More Flights to Riga and Moscow, Less to London and Copenhagen


In January of 2019, the most popular directions of flights operated from Lithuania were Riga, London, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Moscow. This year, there has been a slight decrease in air traffic flow to London and Copenhagen, however, there has been ...

Increase in Flight Number in January: 3.8 per cent


In January 2019, the number of flights in the Lithuanian airspace handled by air traffic controllers made up 19 thousand, i.e. increased by 3.8 per cent, compared to the same period last year. Overflights accounted for three fourths ...

Agreement Reached on Division of Responsibilities for the Route Segment over Neutral Waters


The Lithuanian and Latvian Air Navigation Service Providers, Oro navigacija and LGS... Read more...

Oro navigacija Strengthens Cooperation with Educational Institutions


The State Enterprise Oro navigacija continues to cooperate with educational institutions. An agreement on cooperation between the enterprise and the VGTU Lyceum of Engineering was signed on 1 February 2019. Read more...

New stage of noise management in Vilnius airport


Noise management is one of the major challenges that airports all over the world have to cope with. For several years Vilnius Airport and SE Oro navigacija have been cooperating in implementation of individual initiatives on noise abatement. This year ...

The year 2018: Most Frequent Overflights to Russia, Most Popular Departures to UK, Peak Days in July


Flights from Lithuania to the United Kingdom, Latvia and Poland made up the largest number of flights operated from Lithuania in 2018, and as to the flights crossing the Lithuanian airspace by transit, most frequent were overflights to the Russian ...

Annual Flight Number Increases by 9 Per Cent in Lithuania


In 2018 the number of flights handled in the Lithuanian airspace by air traffic controllers made up 266 thousand and, compared to 2017, increased by 9.4 per cent. The largest number of flights in the Lithuanian airspace were operated ...







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