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Flying Season Is Approaching

Aimed at preparation for the 2015 spring–summer navigation, the second joint seminar of the Lithuanian Aero Club (LAK), SE Oro navigacija (ON), and the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) took place at the enterprise on 8 April 2015.
Among participants of the seminar, there were 42 LAK members – representatives of the Lithuanian Aerobatic Flying Federation, the Hang-gliding and Paragliding Sport Federation, the Precision Flying Federation, the Gliding Sport Federation, the Lithuanian Ballooning Association, aero clubs of Akmenė, Panevėžys, Kaunas, and Vilnius, S. Darius and S. Girėnas Aerodrome in Kaunas, the Pilots’ School, and other organisations.  
A welcoming speech was given by CAA Director Joris Gintilas. Latest developments in activity of the enterprise were presented by ON Director General Algimantas Raščius. Major tasks of LAK for 2015 and the related problems were reviewed by LAK President Jonas Mažintas, moderator of the seminar.
The analysis of flight safety in Lithuanian general and sport aviation for 2014 was presented by Transport Ministry’s Chief for Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Bronius Merkys.
Report on “The Aeronautical Information System and Its Changes. Improvement of Cooperation between Air Navigation Service Providers and the Users” was delivered by Virginijus Steponavičius, Chief of the Aeronautical Information Service Division of ON.
Participants of the seminar were given information on the changes in elements of Lithuanian controlled airspace by Antanas Lapinskas, Deputy Chief of the Air Traffic Management Division of ON.
As questions emerging after reports were being answered immediately, the second part of the seminar was dedicated to considering the general aviation matters, which had been submitted to CAA and ON in advance. Discussions were taking place. And eventually, it has been agreed that the matters addressed at the seminar are important to Lithuanian aviation community and there is a need to arrange such meetings in the future.  






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