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The new eAIP (effective from 31 Dec 2020) is now available in our online store.

The usual decrease in the number of flights recorded in October


The flight flows that kept following the growing trend in August and September, dropped back down to the level of July in October. In comparison to October of the last year, the flight flows decreased by 60 percent and comprised ...



The new AIP VFR (Effective from 05 NOV 2020) is now available in our online store.


Oro Navigacija: in some airports of the country the number of serviced flights grew three or even five times even


During the third quarter of this year, the total number of flights in comparison to the same period in 2019 decreased by 60 percent. 32 thousand flights received services during July, August and September (while in 2019 this number reached ...

Marius Beliūnas appointed as the chief executive officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija


As the term for the inspection established under the law ended, Marius Beliūnas, who has been newly appointed as the chief executive officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija, started to run the position as of 10th September 2020, having won ...

Lithuanian Airports and Oro Navigacija are strengthening cooperation - even more attention to safety and security


On August 26, Marius Beliūnas, acting CEO of SE Oro Navigacija, and Vidas Kšanas, Chief Airports Safety and Security Officer of Lithuanian Airports, signed a cooperation agreement establishing operational cooperation in the field of safety management. Two state companies that ...

State enterprise Oro Navigacija: the number of flights is increasing, but it will take long before we return to the level of the previous year


Just as it was expected, the statistics for July shows growing numbers in the flight flows. The numbers were influenced by reduced restraints pertaining to COVID-19, especially the restrictions in border permeability. Nevertheless, the newly elected head of state enterprise ...

The world aviation crisis has also hit state enterprise Oro Navigacija: the income decreased by half


The income from the main activity of state enterprise Oro Navigacija decreased by 51.1 percent during the first half of this year, while the net result was negative and amounted to 4,915 thousand EUR of loss, whereas at ...

The mist over aviation is thinning, nevertheless, the uncertainty and fear to travel still linger


The beginning of 2020 brought a promise to the aviation of new directions and increasing flows of passengers, unfortunately, soon the flights were paralysed due to new COVID-19 virus. During the first half of this year the number decreased by ...

The darkest month is already behind us, but we’ll have to wait for the rapid recovery


The flight statistics for May allows us to relax a little bit and inspires us with optimism since the emptiest airspace is already behind us. In comparison to black April, in May the number of terminal flights increased by 10 ...



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