Changes included in this Amendment:


  • GEN 0.1-1 Editorial changes
  • GEN 0.3-1 Amendments to AIP VFR updated
  • GEN 0.4-1/2 Check list of pages to AIP VFR updated
  • GEN 1.1-2 Contact updated
  • GEN 7.1-1/2 Information related to air navigation information services updated
  • GEN 7.1-3 Aro sectors of responsibility chart updated
  • GEN 12.1-1,2,3,4 Chart symbols added, updated


  • ENR 2.2-2,3 Entry procedure updated
  • ENR 6.1-1,2,3,4 Flight planning updated
  • ENR 9.1-1 Siauliai DVOR/DME coverage updated


  • AD EYKS-3 S. Search and rescue station, area for helicopters added
  • AD EYKA-1/2 Kaunas AD, EYPA-1 Palanga AD, EYVI-1 Vilnius AD, EYSA-1/2 Šiauliai AD, Operational hours updated, editorial changes
  • AD EYKA-3 Kaunas AD, RWY marking, obstacles updated
  • AD EYPA-3 Palanga AD, Chart design, obstacles, buildings named, table updated; marking and lighting added
  • AD EYPA-4 Palanga AD, Apron south taxiing route C, ACFT stands 1-9 coordinates, table, obstacles updated; movement area BDRY, fence, TWY lights added
  • AD EYVK-6 Kyviškės AD, Paluknys AD, Paluknys/AV AD, Entry and exit points altitudes added
  • AD EYVP-3 Paluknys AD, RWY 09/27 RWY 09/27 withdrawn and used as airfield
  • AD EYSA-3 Šiauliai AD, RWY 14R/32L PAPI lights, APCH lights, MAG direction, obstacles added
  • AD EYTR-1/2 Tauragė AD, RWY information updated, editorial changes
  • AD EYTR-3 Tauragė AD, Place of WDI, notes updated
  • AD EYVI-4 Vilnius AD, ACFT Stand 29 surface






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