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Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Services

The communications, navigation and surveillance services are provided all over the Vilnius Flight Information Region (FIR).
Delivering flight safety in this region is supported by the currently operating communications, navigation and surveillance facilities, meeting the international civil aviation standards. Maintenance of these facilities is performed by highly-qualified specialists. The enterprise annually allocates considerable funds for their skills development and it means investment not only into successful day-to-day issue solution, but also investment into the future.

For the purpose of providing air navigation services the following radio navigation facilities are used:

• VHF Doppler omnidirectional radio beacons (DVOR) and VHF omnidirectional beacons (VOR);

• Distance measurement equipment (DME);

• VHF automatic direction finders (ADF);

• Nondirectional radio beacons (NDB).


In 2012 new DVOR/DME equipment was installed in Klaipėda. DVOR/DME or VOR/DME complexes, operating in the Vilnius Flight Information Region (FIR) form a special navigation data field, providing crew members with the precise information on the position of an aircraft in the airspace in regard to these facilities.
Instrument landing systems (ILS) provide information on the position of an aircraft in respect of a runway. Lithuanian airports are equipped with ILS of ICAO category I and II, permitting precision approach to a runway. Radar surveillance systems provide air traffic controllers with precise information (with an error of 300 metres) on the position of aircraft in a radar control zone. Alongside with precise coordinates, additional messages on the flight altitude, speed, flight profile, route and other relevant information is displayed.
The Vilnius FIR air traffic control system uses data of four radars (Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga and Gdansk). In this way double radar coverage of the airspace of Vilnius FIR is achieved. In Kaunas control zone (CTR) and Kaunas terminal control area (TMA) the Czech-made ATC equipment ALS is being operated. New Spanish ATC system AIRCON is implemented in Palanga Air Traffic Control Centre. State-of-the-art communications systems ensure continuous information exchange with crew members and air traffic controllers in all phases of a flight as well as uninterrupted data-sharing with the neighbouring centres.
ATC hardware and software are continuously upgraded to meet the latest requirements set down by the European Union and to deliver flight safety. 


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