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Deployment of ATC system is near completion

Currently, the State Enterprise Oro navigacija is completing the project on deployment of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) System.

The project is the first step of the Development Roadmap of the Baltic Functional Airspace Block (Baltic FAB) ATM solution and is part of the joint Baltic FAB ATM solution implementation process. Its implementation will ensure the uniformity and integrity of the ATM technological solution in Lithuania and the Baltic FAB. A similar system is under deployment by Oro navigacija’s partner in the Baltic FAB, the Polish Air Navigation Service Provider, PANSA.

The system is also an integral part of the iTEC (interoperability Through European Collaboration) technological partnership project which involves the Air Navigation Service Providers of Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Lithuania and Poland. The iTEC project aims at having a unified ATC systems operated by all iTEC members, to enable an efficient service provision infrastructure for the entire region. It is planned that ATC systems of all iTEC members will be unified by 2025.

The newly deployed system will consist of three interconnected components: the ATC system, the ATC simulator and the ATC system testing platform with functionalities of a reserve system in case of malfunctioning of the main ATC system. The ATM system deployment project has ambitious aims that include development of a single iTEC-based next generation ATM solution for the Baltic FAB.

Operation of the new system will help increase the air travel safety by providing air traffic controllers with flight data from the surveillance systems (ground and satellite), the adjacent air traffic control centres, the European ATM Network Manager, the Centralised Services of the European Region, and aircraft. The new ATM system is expected to reduce reaction time, enhance airspace capacity, help eliminate bottlenecks in the European ATM system, significantly reduce environmental impact of aviation and increase cost efficiency of air navigation service providers and airlines.

By participating in competitive tendering, the enterprise received the EU co-funding for the project on implementation of the ATM system. On the 7th of October 2016, Oro navigacija signed an agreement with the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, INEA (mandated by the European Commission) on €7.93 million co-funding of the projects: “Deployment of the Air Traffic Management System” and “Modernisation of the Advanced Aerodrome Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS). Having been implemented in 2018, the A-SMGCS is successfully operating in Vilnius airport. 

The site acceptance tests (SAT) of the system will be conducted by the end of June this year, and according to the project plan the system will be handed over to the enterprise on 12 July 2019. Then the personnel training and preparation of documentation for the equipment certification will follow, alongside with tasks of integration and testing of other systems. It is planned that provision of air traffic control services by using the new system will start from 9 December this year.


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