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Oro navigacija is currently completing the Data Link Services (DLS) deployment and is to start service provision in December, 2019.

DLS is the enabler of the Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC), which is a means of communication between controller and pilot, using data link service for ATC communications. CPDLC is a two-way data-link system by which controllers can transmit non urgent messages to an aircraft as an alternative to voice communications. The message is displayed on a flight deck visual display. The CPDLC application provides air-ground data communication for the ATC service. It enables a number of data link services (DLS) that provide for the exchange of communication management and clearance/information/request messages which correspond to voice phraseology employed by air traffic control procedures. The controllers are provided with the capability to issue ATC clearances (level assignments, lateral deviations/vectoring, speed assignments, etc), radio frequency assignments, and various requests for information. The pilots are provided with the capability to respond to messages, to request/receive clearances and information, and to report information.

It is expected that CPDLC will bring numerous benefits, including:

• Less communication on the ATC frequency;
• Increased sector capacities;
• More pilot requests can be dealt with simultaneously;
• Reduced probability of miscommunication (e.g. due to  call sign confusion);
• Safer frequency changes, hence fewer loss of communication events.

The DLS project is being implemented according to the COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 29/2009 of 16 January 2009 laying down requirements on data link services for the single European sky.  As defined by this regulation, the DLS are developed by 2 technology providers - SITA OnAir and Collins Aerospace (former ARINC) and deployed by air navigation service providers. 

After performing tests in June, 2019 with the Eurocontrol Experimental Center and relevant flight testing validations (being performed currently), Oro navigacija will be ready to start providing DLS services to aircraft using SITA OnAir technologies. The agreement enabling DLS provision with Collins Aerospace technologies is to be finalized soon as well.

The service provision using both technologies is to start from December, 2019, when Oro navigacija launches   the new generation iTEC Air Traffic Management (ATM) System into operation.


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