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Latest Developments and Emerging Challenges Discussed at an Annual Consultation with the Users

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An annual consultation meeting with the users of the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania arranged by the State Enterprise Oro navigacija together with the Civil Aviation Administration and the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service took place on 20 November 2018. At the meeting the major achievements and the emerging challenges have been reviewed.

Taking part in the annual event, were representatives of the airlines, officials of the Lithuanian Air Force, the Lithuanian Border Guard’s Aviation Unit, representatives of the Lithuanian Unmanned Aircraft Operators’ Association, the Lithuanian Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

At the meeting Mindaugas Gustys, CEO of Oro navigacija, revealed the trends of air traffic flows, changes in the culture of reporting on safety occurrences, the unit rates of the air navigation services, and also mentioned the redesigned logo of the enterprise.

Representative of Public Enterprise Road and Transport Research Institute Jonas Vytautas Jusionis gave a presentation on future changes in the system of governance and supervision of civil aviation.

Activities of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service and its plans for the year 2019 were revealed by Vida Ralienė, Head of the Forecasts and Warnings Department.

Information on technological innovations being implemented and those to be implemented in future as well as the prospects of using unmanned aircraft and the related challenges was presented by Šarūnas Murauskas and Tadas Margiris Rinkevičius, managers at the Division of Strategic Development and International Programmes of Oro navigacija.

A report on unmanned aircraft was also given by Antanas Gedvilas, leader of the Lithuanian Unmanned Aircraft Operators’ Association, who revealed how unmanned aircraft are operated by members of the association, noted the rapidly developing technologies in this sphere and also emphasised the emerging threats related to it.

At the end of the meeting proposals put forward by airspace users were discussed.


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