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On the 7th of October 2016 SE Oro navigacija signed an agreement with the Innovation and Networks Execution Agency, INEA (mandated by the European Commission), on a €7,93 million partial funding to projects of Air Traffic Management (ATM) System Deployment and Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) Modernization. The implementation deadline for both projects is 2019.



1. Air Traffic Management (ATM) System Deployment in Vilnius
CEF transport co-financing, action number 2015-LT-TM-0155-W

The new generation ATM system deployed in Vilnius Area Control Centre is aligned with interoperability Through European Collaboration (iTEC) concept and will consist of three main components:

     Operational system

    ATC Simulator

    Technical test platform

The action covers the first step of the Development Roadmap of the Baltic FAB (Functional Airspace Block Lithuania-Poland) ATM solution and is part of joint Baltic FAB ATM solution implementation process and is therefore included into the Baltic FAB Implementation Programme and Baltic FAB Performance Plan. The progress of the action additionally will be supervised by the governance bodies of the Baltic FAB.

Deployment of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) System in Vilnius specifically aims at contributing to the implementation of the SES (Single European Sky) by promoting the optimal provision of air navigation services and seamless functioning of the ATM System and aiming to realize such functionalities, capabilities and solutions:

     Single ITEC based new generation ATM solution for the Baltic FAB

    optimal model of air navigation service provision in the Baltic FAB Air Traffic Services

    Supporting cross-border implementation of Free Routing within the Baltic FAB and further with neighbouring FABs

    Supporting joint ASM/ATFM provision in the Baltic FAB

   –  Supporting optimal vertical profiles with the 4D profile realization in the ATM systems

    Supporting the deployment of ATM functions defined in the European ATM Master Plan through the joint collaboration in iTEC/iCAS

     Supporting a joint ATM contingency solution in the Baltic FAB

    Pilot Common Project (PCP) deployment, established through the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 716/2014.

This action will directly contribute to all aspects of efficient SES development, increased added value because of FABs and consolidation and optimization of ANS provision in the Baltic FAB, ensuring the optimal ANS provision Model in all Baltic FAB Airspace and will provide an effective contribution towards increase of air transport capacity and eliminate existing bottlenecks, fills gaps in the European air traffic management system, enables significant reduction of emissions, increases safety, and reduces overall costs.

2. Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) Modernization
CEF transport co-financing, action number INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2015/1127457

The modernisation of the Lithuanian ATM system, of which this action is part of, is driven by the need to support new operational concepts and technical capabilities at national, Baltic FAB and international/EU levels. The progress of the Action additionally will be supervised by the governance bodies of the Baltic FAB.

Today, the ATM solution at Vilnius is realised using the ATM system, which ensures provision of Area Control, Approach Control and Tower Control Services, and another A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System), for ground operations. Therefore, the tower air traffic controllers are operating two not interconnected air traffic control systems.

While the first project (new ATM system deployment in Vilnius airport supported by CEF action 2015-LT-TM-0155-W) will ensure provision of Area Control and Approach Control services, the second (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) Modernization) will ensure the provision of other air traffic control services (ASMGCS, tower Control and final Approach Control capabilities) and also the appropriate interoperability requirements with the new ATM system.

The modernised A-SMGCS system, developed through the action will:

     be based on new technologies and best practices aiming to implement and support interoperable and harmonized ATM systems and equipment (based on SESAR solutions);

     encompass a new generation of flight and radar data processing systems based on European standards, open source and modular systems

    address the optimal provision of Air Navigation Services in the context of Baltic FAB (ensuring commonality of technical systems, a joint Infrastructure rationalisation, in the cross-border implementation of Free Routing across the FAB, Optimal vertical Profiles at Airports and in Terminal Control Areas) and the ATM functionalities defined in the European Master Plan and the deployment baseline that are not included in Common Projects.




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