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European Support to Oro navigacija’s Projects

On the 7th of October 2016 Director General of SE Oro navigacija, Algimantas Raščius, signed an agreement with the Innovation and Networks Execution Agency, INEA (mandated by the European Commission), on a €7,93 million partial funding to projects of the enterprise. It was a culmination of the work started a year ago, in response to Calls for Proposals common to all European Union aviation companies. In July of this year INEA’s Coordination Committee evaluated positively both applications submitted by the enterprise.

The first one – for the project on “Implementation of the Air Traffic Management System” aimed at deployment of the next generation air traffic control system – is of special importance to implementation of the Baltic Functional Airspace Block Programme. A single technological solution for air traffic control will allow to increase safety level, airspace capacity and flight efficiency, to reduce delays and environmental impact and will also make the flight path shorter.

Another application is for the project on “Modernization of the Aerodrome Surface Movement Guidance and Control System” aimed at enhancement of the aerodrome surface movement guidance and control system currently operating in Vilnius aerodrome, in order to supply air traffic controllers with full information on movement of aircraft and special vehicles in the aerodrome.

The implementation deadline for both projects is 2019.


SE “Oro navigacija” and PANSA will manage their airspace with a new generation iTEC system

On Tuesday, 26 July 2016, Magdalena Jaworska and Algimantas Raščius, heads of air navigation services providers PANSA and SE “Oro navigacija”, signed contracts with Rafael Gallego, Director General of the Spanish company INDRA SISTEMAS S. A. for the deployment of the iTEC last-generation air traffic management system.

These contracts are the first steps for the both air navigation services (ANS) providers to join the iTEC Alliance, which already encompasses DFS (Germany), ENAIRE (Spain), NATS (U.K.), LVNL (The Netherlands) and AVINOR (Norway).

The ceremony took place in Warsaw, with the presence of honourable gests of the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction and Agustín Núñez, Spanish ambassador to Poland.


Good news from Brussels

The good news about the investments under Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is that about 7.93 million euros have been foreseen for the projects of our enterprise upon positive evaluation by the Coordinating Committee of the applications submitted by the enterprise.
In 2015, with the aim to receiving partial financing from the EU, the SE “Oro navigacija” submitted applications for two projects. The first application is related to project “Implementation of ATM System”. The project for the implementation of the new generation ATM system is of particular significance for the implementation of the Baltic FAB Programme.  The unified technological solution will allow to increase the safety level, airspace capacity and flight effectiveness, and to reduce aircraft delays, distances to be flown and emissions.
The second application is related to project “Modernization of the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS)”. The aim of the project is to upgrade the A-SMGCS currently operated at Vilnius Airport.


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