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Remote ATC Tower Concept will be considered in Madrid

The State Enterprise Oro navigacija is analysing the possibilities of providing remote aerodrome control services.  At the enterprise preparation of a feasibility study of the remote ATC tower (TWR) concept is coming to an end, and the concept, alongside with other latest technological solutions, will be soon presented at the World ATM Congress and at a meeting of the iTEC Management Board, where Oro navigacija’s representatives are going to participate.

Aviation specialists from different countries will meet in Madrid, to discuss latest technologies in aviation sector. Oro navigacija’s Director General Mindaugas Gustys, and executive officers of the enterprise, Tomas Tamašauskas and Ligita Juškienė, will be particularly interested in the remote TWR concept, which provides for control operated by air traffic controllers via video cameras and other equipment, without their physical presence in TWR towers.

Currently, Oro navigacija’s specialists are completing preparation of the feasibility study aimed at assessing the advantages and disadvantages of implementation of the remote ATC concept. Results of the study will show, which concept will be most suitable for the enterprise, and in which Lithuanian airports it could be implemented.

While seeking to become the most competitive air navigation service provider in the Baltic Region, Oro navigacija reviews regularly the air navigation service provision models, looking for effective solutions for making the Lithuanian airspace and Lithuanian airports more attractive to the users. The enterprise takes part in SESAR 2020 Programme projects aimed at applying new technological solutions allowing to increase safety and efficiency of the aviation sector in Lithuania and Europe.

During the World ATM Congress last year in March in Madrid, Oro navigacija together with its long-term partner in various projects, the Polish Air Navigation Service Provider PANSA, joined officially the international technological collaboration alliance iTEC, which comprises air navigation service providers of Germany, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Spain. The purpose of the alliance is, by introducing advanced technologies into air navigation services, to provide the airspace users with a rationale for route and flight trajectory optimisation, reduction of flight costs and environmental impact as well as increase of punctuality.

Oro navigacija keeps in pace with other European Union member states, and in some spheres is a leader in implementation of innovations in aviation. For instance, in response to emergence of new air traffic participants – drones – the enterprise intends to apply modern technological solutions for providing safe integration of unmanned aircraft into the common airspace. Also, Oro navigacija performs successfully projects on implementation of the state-of -the-art air traffic control systems.

More than 30 thousand flights are daily performed in the European skies. To ensure that flights are operated safely, efficiently and on time, air navigation services are provided to aircraft from the moment of launching the engine and starting from a parking area to the moment of landing at an aerodrome of destination. Air navigation services in the Lithuanian airspace and Lithuanian airports are provided by SE Oro navigacija.

Last year Oro navigacija provided air navigation services to 243 thousand aircraft, by 5.23 per cent more, if compared to 2016. This year the number of flights continues growing, therefore, application of new technologies is a major condition for efficient provision of air navigation services and becoming the most competitive air navigation services provider in the Baltic Region.







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