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Oro navigacija’s Specialists Take Part in Security Awareness Exercise

On 28 February 2018, the State Enterprise Oro navigacija together with other state institutions took part in security awareness exercise during which its specialists developed their skills in reacting to extreme situations.

According to the exercise scenario prepared by security specialists, the mobile connection disappears suddenly all over Lithuania. Unpredictable events start taking place in three different Lithuanian towns – Vilnius, Klaipėda, and Šeštokai – and in six strategic objects therein. A column of heavy vehicles is moving towards Klaipėda, an unidentified aircraft appears above the port, and two sites in Lithuania are exposed to railway accident risk.

According to the scenario, Oro navigacija receives a request by an aircraft pilot-in-command to perform an emergency landing at Vilnius Airport. According to the available information, conscripts are on board.

During the exercise Oro navigacija’s specialists performed actions provided for in plans for extreme situations.

Among those who participated in the exercise – initiated by the minister of transport and coordinated by the Lithuanian Railways – and performed the tasks assigned thereto, were employees of SE Lithuanian Airports, SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, Lithuanian Police Anti-terrorist operations Unit Aras, and other state institutions. In all, 16 different institutions and over 1000 professionals of highest level participated in the exercise which took place in three Lithuanian towns.







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