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By 8 Per Cent More Flights Handled in January

The total number of flights handled in January 2018 made up 18.3 thousand and was more by 8%, compared to last year. Three fourths of the total flight number were transit flights (13.77 thousand), which increased by 8.5%, compared to last year.

In the first month this year among the major users of the Lithuanian airspace were five air companies: Aeroflot (1.7 thousand, by 22.4% more than last year), Finnair (1.6 thousand, by 1.9% more), Air Baltic (1.6 thousand, by 11.9% more), Lufthansa (1.2 thousand, less by 0.4%), and Ryanair (1.05 thousand, more by 10.8%).

Compared to January 2017, the five major users have remained the same, only this January, the Russian company Aeroflot, by the flight number in the Lithuanian airspace, outran Finland’s Finnair. Other air companies came in same places as last year.

The largest growth of flight number was in Vilnius airport, where the total number of flights made up 3.4 thousand and was by 9.6% more than in 2017. Increase in flights in Kaunas airport was by 0.9% (661 movements, or more by six than last year). In Šiauliai airport air traffic controllers handled 270 aircraft (by 26.6% less than last year), and in Palanga – 261 aircraft (by 1.5% less than last year).   

More than 30 thousand flights are daily performed in the European skies. To ensure that flights are operated safely, efficiently and on time, air navigation services are provided to aircraft from the moment of launching an engine and starting from a parking area to the moment of landing at an aerodrome of destination. Air navigation services in the Lithuanian airspace are provided by SE Oro navigacija.

Lithuanian airspace has been included into air routes of over 900 air companies.







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