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Last Year’s Major Users of Lithuanian Airspace: Air Companies of Finland, Latvia, Germany and Russia

In 2017 the largest number of flights in the Lithuanian airspace was operated by five air companies: Finnair (Finland), Air Baltic (Latvia), Aeroflot (Russia), Lufthansa (Germany), and Rosija (Russia).  Compared to 2016, Rosija outran the low-cost Irish company Ryanair, which was in sixth place last year.

In 2017 Finnair took the lead, with 23.4 thousand flights in the Lithuanian airspace, including transit flights over the Lithuanian territory and aircraft movements in Lithuanian airports. Compared to 2016, the number of flights of this company decreased by 2.3%.

Second place was taken by Latvian Air Baltic, with a total flight number of 21.7 thousand in the above-mentioned period (15.9% more than in 2016).  Aeroflot (18.5 thousand, more by 3.6% than in 2016) and Lufthansa (17.5 thousand, 4.2% increase) were in third and fourth places, respectively. The number of flights by Rosija (11.7 thousand), which was in fifth place, was growing most considerably (by 40.7% more than in 2016).

In 2017 the largest number of aircraft movements from/to Vilnius airport was performed by Hungarian low-cost air company Wizzair; air traffic controllers provided services to 5.8 thousand aircraft of this company. Compared to 2016, it was by 15.1% less than in 2016 (6.9 thousand). In second place, according to number of movements from/to Vilnius, was the company of the neighbouring Latvia, Air Baltic (5.5 thousand, or by 0.7% less than in 2016). In third place was the Irish Ryanair (5.1 thousand; less by 3.4% than in 2016). The Polish LOT increased its flights from/to Vilnius last year; compared to 2016, its flight number was more by 69.6% and made up 3.8 thousand. The Scandinavian SAS performed 2.9 thousand flights, by 11.1% less than in 2016.

In Kaunas the largest number of aircraft movements was performed by Ryanair (3.8 thousand; compared to 2016, less by 2.3%). In second place was the Hungarian low-cost company Wizzair: 2 thousand flights, increase by even 258%, compared to 554 flights in 2016. In third place was the Polish air company SprintAir: 1 thousand flights, compared to 533 flights in 2016 (increase by 89.3%). Last year in Kaunas the Latvian Air Baltic achieved significant growth (618 flights, compared to 12 flights in 2016).  The Polish SprintAir Cargo took off and landed at Kaunas 505 times (less by 3 flights, compared to 2016).

Last year in Palanga airport, the largest number of flights was performed by the Scandinavian SAS (1.3 thousand, or by 0.6% less than in 2016). The Latvian Air Baltic increased its operations in Palanga by 18.7% and took second place last year (948 aircraft movements). Wizzair performed 352 flights last year (45.5% increase, compared to 2016). Last year aircraft movements by Ryanair in Palanga increased considerably (338, compared to 2016, 108.7% increase|).  In Palanga Norwegian Air Shuttle was in fifth place last year (266 flights, less by 2 flights, compared to 2016).

In 2017 the Lithuanian airspace came even more attractive to air companies, SE Oro navigacija provided air navigation services to 243 thousand aircraft (5.23% growth, compared to 2016).

More than 30 thousand flights are daily performed in the European skies. To ensure that flights are operated safely, efficiently and on time, air navigation services are provided to aircraft from the moment of launching an engine and starting from a parking area to the moment of landing at an aerodrome of destination. Air navigation services in the Lithuanian airspace are provided by SE Oro navigacija.

Lithuanian airspace has been included into air routes of over 900 air companies, although Lithuanian airports are destination only of part of them. Most flights cross the Lithuanian airspace by transit (almost 76%), i.e. only part of their route goes via our airspace.







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