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Danish AF Officers Familiarised with the Specifics of Air Traffic Control in Lithuanian Airspace

The Danish Air Force officers, who have started the air policing mission in Lithuania, on 11 January 2018 were familiarised with the specifics of air traffic management (ATM) and air traffic control (ATC) in Lithuanian airspace and Lithuania’s rescue capacities in the event of an accident or emergency.

On 11 January specialists of the ATM Division and representatives of the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) of SE Oro navigacija visited the LAF Air Base in Šiauliai. Such meetings of specialists of Oro navigacija, LAF Air Base and officers of the NATO mission are traditional, they are organised upon each NATO air policing mission rotation in the Baltic States.

To guests from Denmark, Head of the ATM Division Romanas Petrovskis, and Rimantas Rudnickas, Civil-Military Cooperation Manager of the same division, presented the specifics of ATM and ATC in Lithuanian airspace. They described in detail the possibilities of planning and use of airspace for air policing operations. Head of ARCC Vytautas Vaižmužis and his Deputy Arūnas Repšys presented to the officers of the mission the activities of the centre and revealed Lithuania’s rescue capacity in the event of a fighter in distress.

Also attending the meeting were representatives of the Baltic States’ international airports and rescue services, with whom actions foreseen and to be taken in case of fighter’s forced landing in international airports of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were considered. Potential non-standard situations, which may occur during the air policing mission, were discussed as well.


The ATM Division of Oro navigacija evaluates the airspace users’ applications for airspace reservation, and if applications are in conformity with requirements, it issues permits for use of the Temporarily Established Segregated Area (TESA).

ARCC operates round-the-clock and is involved in organisation and coordination of search and rescue operations in case of an aircraft in distress in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania and its territorial waters. The centre receives signals from aircraft or ships in distress or involved in accident, the Vilnius Area Control Centre, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre of Norway as well as from legal and natural persons. In case of an accident, according to a predetermined scheme, the centre shall inform other search and rescue services operating in Lithuania on the accident taken place and shall organise rescue operations.

In conformity with the international law, the neighbouring states have commissioned themselves to assist each other in the event of an accident on the borderline section.

At request of coordination centres of the neighbouring states, they mobilise forces for search and rescue operations.

Danish AF officers participate in the NATO policing mission already for the sixth time. They will be patrolling with four F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters. They arrived in Lithuania on 5 January 2018.







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