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Preparedness of Oro navigacija’s Employees for an Emergency Tested in Exercise

A civil protection exercise was conducted at the State Enterprise Oro navigacija on September 7, 2017 during which the process of making and implementing decisions in case of an emergency at the enterprise was tested according to a modelled real-life situation. 

According to the legend of the exercise, a mercury spill occurred in the enterprise. During the exercise, actions of responsible persons were being tested, which had to be taken if there would be a need to evacuate the Area Control Centre and Vilnius Aerodrome Control Centre because of an accident. The exercise was aimed at ensuring uninterrupted provision of services.

In conformity with the emergency management plans of the enterprise, assessment of the employees’ readiness and skills to perform specific functions assigned to them, to ensure uninterrupted provision of services in case of an emergency, was performed. Methods of management in case of an emergency were also tested.

In the near future the assigned members of the exercise assessment group will prepare a report on the advantages and shortcomings, noticed during the exercise, and submit findings and recommendations on how to improve the existing model of emergency management.

The exercise was conducted in accordance with the Law on Civil Protection of the Republic of Lithuania.







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