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Annual Consultation Meeting with the Users of Lithuanian Airspace

An annual consultation meeting with the users of Lithuanian airspace arranged by the State Enterprise Oro navigacija together with the national supervisory authority the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA), and the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service took place at the enterprise on 16 November 2017.

Taking part in this event which has already become a tradition were: representatives of the airlines Ryanair, Avion Express, Wizz Air, and Jet Airlines as well as participants from the Lithuanian Air Force, the Lithuanian State Border Guard’s Aviation Unit, the Aero Club of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Gliding Sport Federation, and the Lithuanian Unmanned Aircraft Operators’ Association.

In his welcoming speech CAA Director Joris Gintilas emphasised that top priority is given to safety.

After having greeted the audience, Mindaugas Gustys, Acting Director General of SE Oro navigacija, highlighted the most important activities of 2017: joining the iTEC alliance, the memorandum on collaboration with the Ukrainian and Polish ANSPs, and start of construction of a new ACC which is expected to be one of the most modern in Europe. He was also pleased to note that working together with other state institutions Oro navigacija succeeded in coping with the challenge of redirecting flights from Vilnius to Kaunas for one month. Due to the smooth work of air traffic controllers, technicians, the aeronautical information service specialists and other employees, ATCCs of Kaunas, Palanga and Šiauliai managed to handle the increased air traffic without any incident. M. Gustys also mentioned that beginning with the New Year the new organisational structure of the enterprise will come into effect which is aimed at increasing efficiency and defining clearly responsibilities of employees. According to him, this will allow to raise productivity of the enterprise and improve its functioning.

Information on the activities and future changes of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service was presented by Laimonas Januška, Chief of the Aviation Meteorological Centre.

A presentation on SE Oro navigacija’s activities and future plans was given by Romanas Petrovskis, Chief of Strategic Development Division.

Vidmantas Kairys, Chief of the Training Centre of the enterprise, submitted a detailed presentation on the joint work of SE Oro navigacija and the Polish ANSP PANSA in the Baltic Functional Airspace Block, and the plans on how collaboration would be further strengthened.

Virginijus Steponavičius, Chief of the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) Division, overviewed the AIS updates and presented the newly implemented software for 3D visualisation of the aeronautical data. Chief of the Air Traffic Management Oleg Skibickij gave a short demonstration of an innovative project on graphic visualisation of airspace which allows to present interactive information related with the airspace structure and its management.

A presentation on the cost effectiveness and the unit rates for 2018 was submitted by Acting Director General Mindaugas Gustys.







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