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Flight Number Increased by One Tenth in October; Major Users Remain the Same

In October the number of flights handled in Lithuanian airspace made up 22.5 thousand, i.e. by 11% more than in the same period last year. Five airlines – major users of Lithuanian airspace – remain the same: Finnair (Finland), Air Baltic (Latvia), Aeroflot (Russia), Lufthansa (Germany), and Ryanair (Ireland).

In October the Finnish company Finnair performed the largest number of flights in Lithuanian airspace (2,097, by 5.48% more than in the same period last year), including the flights over Lithuanian territory, and arrivals to/departures from Lithuanian airports.

The Latvian Air Baltic which performed 2,043 flights, by 19.54% more than in the same period last year, was in second place, the Russian Aeroflot (1,782 flights, by 23.07% more than last year) in third place. The German Lufthansa (1,600, more by 3.36%) and the low-cost Irish company Ryanair (1,147, more by 8.93%) came fourth and fifth, respectively.

In October the Russian air company Rosija performed 1,034 flights in Lithuanian airspace (by 41.26% more than last year), the Polish LOT – 1,014 flights (by 123.35% more than last year). Numbers of flights in the Lithuanian airspace by aircraft of other air companies did not exceed 1,000.

In October the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania was being overflown by aircraft of 18 air companies, which previously had not been using our country’s airspace. At least ten times Lithuanian airspace was crossed by the Indonesian cargo airline Auvia Air (18 times), the Russian airline Rusline Air (14), and the Finnish airline Skywings (10). Other air companies, which had not been using Lithuanian airspace before, crossed Lithuania by transit less than ten times in October.

The number of transit flights reached 16,946 and made up one fourth (75.24%) of all flights performed in October. The number of aircraft taking off/landing in airports of Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga and Šiauliai made up 5,576.

In October the largest number of aircraft movements (4,127) was performed in Vilnius airport, and compared to the same period last year, it increased by 8.52%. The numbers of aircraft movements in Kaunas, Šiauliai and Palanga were respectively: 801 (more by 17.45% than in 2016), 404 (less by 35.15% than last year), and 342 (less by 7.82%). 

During the ten months of this year the total number of flights handled in the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania made up 206,466. More than one fourth (76%) of them were transit flights. Over the period January–October 2017, the total number of aircraft movements in Lithuanian airports made up 49,576.

SE Oro navigacija is the sole enterprise providing air traffic control and air navigation services in Lithuania. Over the nine months of this year the enterprise received 22.57 million euros in revenue, i.e. by 4% more than it had been planned (21.69 million euros).  During this period the costs of the enterprise were by 5% less than planned and made up 20.42 million euros (21.56 million euros had been planned).







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