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Over 10 Per Cent More Flights Handled in February


The number of flights handled in the Lithuanian airspace in February 2018 made up 16.6 thousand and was by 10.1 per cent more than in the same period last year. Three fourths of this number were transit flights ...

Remote ATC Tower Concept will be considered in Madrid


The State Enterprise Oro navigacija is analysing the possibilities of providing remote aerodrome control services.  At the enterprise preparation of a feasibility study of the remote ATC tower (TWR) concept is coming to an end, and the concept, alongside with ...

Lithuania and Poland are Increasing Collaboration in Aviation


Oro navigacija’s Specialists Take Part in Security Awareness Exercise


On 28 February 2018, the State Enterprise Oro navigacija together with other state institutions took part in security awareness exercise during which its specialists developed their skills in reacting to extreme situations.

According to the exercise scenario prepared by security ...

New eAIP


The new eAIP (Effective from 29 MAR 2018) is now available in our online store.

Oro navigacija Succeeds in Implementation of SESAR2020 Projects


The State Enterprise Oro navigacija together with the workgroup under its leadership have succeeded in overcoming the first challenge in implementation of SESAR2020 PJ22 project. On 30 June 2017 the Validation, Verification and Demonstration Platform Development Methodology developed by the ...

By 8 Per Cent More Flights Handled in January


The total number of flights handled in January 2018 made up 18.3 thousand and was more by 8%, compared to last year. Three fourths of the total flight number were transit flights (13.77 thousand), which increased by 8 ...

Composition of the Management Board of Oro navigacija Approved


The Management Board of SE Oro navigacija, selected for a period of next four years, is composed of three independent members Gediminas Almantas, Dangirutis Janušas, and Mikas Jovaiša; Andrius Šniuolis, delegated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and Vytautas ...

Search and Rescue Operation in Kaišiadorys District


On 29 January 2018, the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) coordinated an operation in search of a pilot of a paraglider, which, reportedly, had been noticed falling. As paraglider was not found, the search and rescue operation was cancelled.

About ...

Danish AF Officers Familiarised with the Specifics of Air Traffic Control in Lithuanian Airspace


The Danish Air Force officers, who have started the air policing mission in Lithuania, on 11 January 2018 were familiarised with the specifics of air traffic management (ATM) and air traffic control (ATC) in Lithuanian airspace and Lithuania’s rescue ...

Last Year’s Major Users of Lithuanian Airspace: Air Companies of Finland, Latvia, Germany and Russia


In 2017 the largest number of flights in the Lithuanian airspace was operated by five air companies: Finnair (Finland), Air Baltic (Latvia), Aeroflot (Russia), Lufthansa (Germany), and Rosija (Russia).  Compared to 2016, Rosija outran the low-cost Irish company Ryanair ...

Annual Consultation Meeting with the Users of Lithuanian Airspace


An annual consultation meeting with the users of Lithuanian airspace arranged by the State Enterprise Oro navigacija together with the national supervisory authority the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA), and the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service took place at the enterprise on 16 ...

Oro navigacija’s Anti-Corruption Initiative Recognised as Winner


The State Enterprise Oro navigacija has been recognised as winner of the competition of anti-corruption initiatives. Read more...







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