Sharing Best Practice in Publicising Information on FABs

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Sharing Best Practice in Publicising Information on FABs

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Effective channels of publicising information on activities of functional airspace blocks (FABs), a new approach to communication strategies and sharing best practice were predominant themes at a workshop of air navigation communication specialists which took place in Germany.

On 7–8 June 2017, representatives of 7 FABs from 31 European countries met in Langen, to discuss on how to communicate more efficiently with the airspace users, consider the means of communication with the media and the public, and look for attractive ways of representation of the benefits of FABs to aviation specialists, business representatives and the general public.

Most participants of the event have agreed that, although FABs have been existent already for several years, the society at large and even a considerable part of aviation specialists are not sufficiently familiarised with information on benefits of FABs.

Among participants of the event were representatives of State Enterprise Oro navigacija, Adviser to Director General Vidmantas Kairys, and Strategic Development Manager Julija Čižienė, who together with their colleagues from the Polish Air Navigation Service Provider, PANSA, presented a joint initiative of the Baltic FAB to develop educational material aimed at explaining in plain language the idea of FAB, principles of functioning, economic benefit and the added value generated to aviation market. This manual would also cover the guidelines for air navigation communication specialists on communication designed for addressing different groups of customers and reaching a broad audience.

Given that interest in the initiative has been expressed, the specialists of the Baltic FAB intend to develop the educational material by the next Inter-FAB communication workshop to be arranged either in Vilnius, or Warsaw in November.

In collaboration with PANSA, SE Oro navigacija established the Baltic Functional Airspace Block in 2012. The Baltic FAB allows to increase the airspace capacity, improve the ATM network performance, shorten the air routes, and simultaneously reduce fuel consumption and emissions from aviation.

The European Union member states had been obligated to establish functional airspace blocks by 4 December 2012. A FAB usually comprises 2–4 countries. For example, Lithuania’s neighbours Latvians and Estonians have established NEFAB together with Finns and Norwegians, while Danes with Swedes are in a joint DK-SE FAB.

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