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Project “Schoolchildren – to the Government”: Pupils Familiarised with Activities of the Enterprise

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On 24 August 2017, members of the project “Schoolchildren – to the Government” visited the Training Centre of the enterprise, where they were familiarized with activities of the enterprise and saw in reality how the process of training of air traffic controllers was taking place.

Attending the centre, Kamilė Gineikaitė from Vaižgantas Gymnasium in Radviliškis, and Edvardas Vabuolas from Adolfas-Ramanauskas Vanagas Gymnasium in Alytus, were familiarised by Chief of the Centre Vidmantas Kairys with the services provided by the enterprise, and the specificity of its activity.

Air Traffic Controller and Instructor Valerijus Antonenka demonstrated the process of training of air traffic controller on the ATC simulator.

Later in the training classroom, members of the project could hear how air traffic controllers were being taught the aeronautical phraseology.

Acting Director General Mindaugas Gustys was pleased to note that the enterprise was visited by active members of the project.

“It is gratifying to know that the young generation is interested in aviation and air traffic control. Even if these pupils are not planning to choose aviation studies, I hope that  from now on, when traveling by air, they will be aware of the specific processes of air traffic control on the ground and in the air”, he said.






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