Aeronautical Information Circulars


A 11/98

European B-RNAV Contingency Procedures.

A 07/01

Responsibility for Separation of Aircraft during Maneeuvres in compliance with a Resolution Advisory (RA).

A 01/02

Amendment Regarding Revised RCF Procedures for the EUR Region.

A 06/03

EUR RVSM Post-Implementation Height Monitoring Requirements.

A 02/04

ICAO 24-BIT Aircraft Addresses and Aircraft Identification Reporting.

A 10/08

The Flight Activation Monitoring (FAM)Feature Will Be Activated in ETFMS for Lithuania.

A 11/08

Permit Application for Flight Below the Established Minimum Flight Level to Civil Aviation Administration.

A 16/08

Start of Operation of the Eurocontrol European AIS Database (EAD) in Lithuania and Information on the EAD for Clients, Users and Service Providers.

A 17/08

European Flight Planning Regulations.

A 10/09

Conditions of Application of the Route Charges System and Conditions of Payment.

A 04/11

Procedures for Checks at International Airports and Checks on Persons on Private Flights.

A 11/11 The Main Provisions and Implementation Dates of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 73/2010 of 26 January 2010 Laying Down Requirements on the Quality of Aeronautical Data and Aeronautical Information for the Single European Sky.
A 05/12

Procedure for Submitting Data on Foreigners Carried by Air into the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania from Non-European Union Member States.

A 010/2012 Information on the Mandatory Aircraft Security Checks for the Aircraft Arriving from the Third Countries.
A 003/2013 Prior Permission Request (PPR) to Šiauliai Airport.
A 014/2013 Claim (Complaint) or Proposal Made by User of Services Provided by State Enterprise "Oro navigacija".
A 016/2013 Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS), using Mode-S Multilateration, at Vilnius Aerodrome.
A 008/2014

AIRAC Dates for Aeronautical Information/Data for 2014-2015.

A 009/2014

Low Level Flights Procedures within the Airspace of Republic of Lithuania.

A 010/2014 Application Forms for Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Lithuania and State Enterprise "Oro navigacija".
A 011/2014 Procedure for Issuance of Permits for Flights of Civil Aircraft in the Border Area.
A 013/2014 Publication of VFR Aeronautical Chart - ICAO 1:500 000 LITHUANIA, the first edition.
A 014/2014 Subscription to Aeronautical Publications - Year 2015.
A 019/2014 Volcanic Ash.
A 021/2014 Seasonal Snow Plan for the Winter 2014/2015.
A 022/2014 Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data.
A 023/2014 Aeronautical Information Circulars Series A.
A 024/2014 Procedure for Issuance of Permits for Flights in the Prohibited or Restricted Areas. 
A 001/2015 The Public Holidays 2015.
A 002/2015 The Airport Charges and Air Navigation Services Charges.
A 003/2015 The Airport Charges and Discounts at Palanga Airport.
A 004/2015 Application of Aviation Security Requirements for General Aviation Aircraft and Aerodromes.  
Update: 31-12-2014