Air Traffic Services



Director of Air Traffic Management

Sergej Smirnov
Tel. +370 706  94 503
Fax +370 706  94 522

Area Control Centre

ACC Chief
Nerijus Maleckas
Tel. +370 706  94 600

Vilnius Aerodrome Control Centre

Kazys Oženeckas
Tel. +370 706  94 601

Air Traffic Management Division

Division Chief and Chief Air Traffic Controller
Oleg Skibickij
Tel. +370 706  94 580

Kaunas Air Traffic Control Centre

Palanga Air Traffic Control Centre

Šiauliai Air Traffic Control Centre


    Provision of air traffic services (ATS) is an integral part of civil aviation activities of any country. In Lithuania air traffic services are provided by:


Vilnius Area Control Centre;


Vilnius Aerodrome Control Centre;


Kaunas Aerodrome Control Centre;


Palanga Aerodrome Control Centre;


Šiauliai Aerodrome Control Centre.

    Air traffic services include: air traffic control services (area, approach and aerodrome control), flight information services (aerodrome flight information services, in some aerodromes automatic terminal information services) and alerting services.

    In accordance with the airspace classification air traffic services are provided in the airspace over the territory and territorial waters of the Republic of Lithuania and over the Baltic Sea high seas which comprise the Vilnius Flight Information Region (FIR).


Update: 19-11-2013