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An ICAO Member-State shall provide all the relevant information required for civil aircraft operations over its territory.


The Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Division of the State Enterprise “Oro navigacija” is responsible for collection and distribution of the aeronautical information relating the whole territory of the Republic of Lithuania and, in conformity with the regional air navigation agreement, the areas over the high seas belonging to the Vilnius Flight Information Region (FIR).

An integrated package of the aeronautical information provided by AIS Division consists of the following elements:
    Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)
    AIP Amendments (AIP AMDT);
    Supplements to AIP (AIP SUP);
    NOTAM and preflight information bulletins (PIB);
    Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC);
    Checklists and list of valid NOTAMs.


The Aeronautical Information Publication is the major aviation document, meeting the ICAO requirements. This document shall be used while preparing for international and domestic, commercial and private flights. Alongside with other required information, Lithuania’s AIP publishes the Rules of the Air and the Rules of Air Traffic Services. Lithuania’s AIP is prepared and distributed by AIS Division. From 15 November 2012 an electronic AIP (in HTML format) of the Republic of Lithuania came into force. It is published in Lithuanian and English only on CD-ROM with an option of PDF file printing.


Lithuania’s AIP submits all geographical coordinates in terms of the World Geodetic System (WGS-84). The air route charts and all the relevant information conforms with the basic area navigation (B-RNAV) conception requirements.

The AIS Division has drawn up and circulates the VFR Aeronautical Chart for Vilnius Flight Information Region (1:500 000) and the Airfield Guide of the Republic of Lithuania (VFR flights) in Lithuanian and English. The guide is also issued on CD-ROM (in PDF format).

The AIS Division includes the Subdivision for Preparing and Providing Aeronautical Information (SPPAI). In accordance with international requirements, such subdivisions or briefing offices are mandatory for all international airports. In the Republic of Lithuania they have been set up in Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga and Šiauliai airports.

Vilnius SPPAI operates round-the-clock. The subdivision and briefing offices keep and update foreign AIPs and data on instructions for operations in aerodromes of the Republic of Lithuania. The subdivision and briefing offices have an access to European AIS Database (EAD).

The SPPAI receives and sends all the messages concerning air traffic control: flight plans, information on departure, delay and different changes, etc. The subdivision coordinates the activities of all the ANS-related services. The subdivision’s instructor continuously maintains communication with the Area Control Centre, the Aerodrome Control Centres, the Air Traffic Flow Planning and Data Processing Division, the Search and Rescue Coordination Centres, the Customs-House, the Border Police and other services. Also, the subdivision exchanges information with the respective services and airlines of other states.

At Vilnius SPPAI and briefing offices, the charges for the en-route, terminal and escort services are collected. Here the crew members may get acquainted with all the flight-related information and receive the necessary consultations. Here also one may purchase aeronautical charts. Settlement is possible in litas and euros – in cash or by payment cards.



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