Palanga Air Traffic Control Centre




Albinas Balčiūnas
Tel. +370 706  94 112
Fax +370 706  94 123

Jolanta Padvariškienė
Tel. +370 706  94 113

Palanga Air Traffic Control Centre provides air navigation services in the western part of the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania.

Palanga is a seaside resort, thus, workload of controllers increases in summertime. The centre employs 9 air traffic controllers.

In recent years many technical innovations were launched in Palanga such as a new air surveillance radar and an omnidirectional radio beacon DVOR, installed instead of Klaipėda VOR/DME. The air traffic control equipment EUROCAT 200, which had been in service for 18 years, was shut off on January 3, 2013. It is being replaced by new equipment AIRcon 2000. Specialists of Palanga ATCC – air traffic controllers and engineers – got acquainted with it in Spain, where they took part in the factory acceptance tests (FAT). 

Update: 14-08-2013