Kaunas Air Traffic Control Centre




Kęstutis Jurkėnas
Tel. +370 706  94 320 
Fax +370 706  94 366

Regina Kazakienė
Tel. +370 706  94 326

Kaunas (Karmėlava) Air Traffic Control Centre employs 11 air traffic controllers.

In 2012 the ICAO Flight Plan (FPL) 2012 was implemented in the automated control system.

In recent years a new instrument landing system with the distance measuring equipment (ILS/DME) was put into operation in Kaunas aerodrome (RWY 26). With the introduction of ICAO Category II, obstacles inconsistent with minimal requirements were removed: a transformer substation TP6 and a  previously existing radar mound were taken down. On a new site an automatic radio direction finder ARP95 was installed. Procedures for validation of all changes were performed.

Update: 14-08-2013