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A 019/2017 (111.4 KB)

Information Concerning The Establishing of The Conditions for Special Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Operations in Controlled Airspace

A 018/2017 (83.1 KB)

Aeronautical Information Circulars Series A in Force

A 017/2017 (154.7 KB)

Application Forms for Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Lithuania and State Enterprise "Oro navigacija"

A 016/2017 (404.6 KB)

Low Level Flights Procedures within the Airspace of Republic of Lithuania

A 014/2017 (95.0 KB)

Volcanic Ash

A 012/2017 (100.2 KB)

Publication of VFR Aeronautical Chart - ICAO 1:500 000 LITHUANIA, the fourth edition

A 011/2017 (111.3 KB)

Procedure for Issuance of Permits for Flights of Civil Aircraft in The Border Area

A 010/2017 (98.0 KB)

Vilnius Airport Charges

A 008/2017 (102.1 KB)

Claim (Complaint) or Proposal Made by User of Services Provided by State Enterprise "Oro navigacija" (Form)

A 006/2017 (97.4 KB)

Kaunas Airport Charges

A 005/2017 (97.0 KB)

Siauliai Airport Charges

A 003/2017 (76.9 KB)

The Public Holidays 2017

A 002/2017 (96.6 KB)

Palanga Airport Charges

A 001/2017 (99.3 KB)

Air Navigation Services Charges

A 019/2016 (272.0 KB)

Subscription to Aeronautical Publications - Year 2017

A 017/2016 (79.0 KB)

AIRAC Dates for Aeronautical Information/Data for 2016-2017

A 016/2016 (81.0 KB)

Seasonal Snow Plan for The Winter 2016/2017

A 014/2016 (91.0 KB)

Runway Reconstruction of Vilnius Airport in 2017 year

A 012/2016 (120.7 KB)

Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data

A 004/2016 (115.9 KB)

Procedure for Issuance of Permits for Fligths in the Prohibited or Restricted Areas

A 022/2015 (62.2 KB)

Amendments to the Regulation on the Use of Umanned Aircraft

A 010/2015 (62.1 KB)

General Conditions of State Enterprise "Lithuanian Airports" for use of International Kaunas and Palanga Airports

A 004/2015 (59.0 KB)

Application of Aviation Security Requirements for General Aviation Aircraft and Aerodromes

A 016/2013 (62.2 KB)

Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS), using Mode-S Multilateration, in Vilnius Aerodrome

A 003/2013 (87.9 KB)

Prior Permission Request (PPR) to Šiauliai Airport

A 04/11 (221.9 KB)

Procedures for Checks at International Airports and Checks on Persons on Private Flights

A 11/08 (110.5 KB)

Permit Application for Flight Below the Established Minimum Flight Level to Civil Aviation Administration






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