Lithuania and Poland are Increasing Collaboration in Aviation

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Lithuania and Poland are Increasing Collaboration in Aviation

A moment of meeting with Polish colleagues
A moment of meeting with Polish colleagues

At a meeting of the Council of the Baltic Functional Airspace Block (Baltic FAB) held in Warsaw, an action plan for the Baltic FAB Strategy 2025 was approved. The meeting of both states’ ministers, representatives of CAA and ANSPs was attended by Oro navigacija’s Director General Mindaugas Gustys and member of the Baltic FAB PMO Vidmantas Kairys.

Established by Lithuania and Poland, the Baltic FAB has been successfully functioning since 2012. It implements the Single European Sky concept, aiming to make the air traffic management more effective, optimise capacity of the European airspace, increase flight safety and reduce flight delays.

The Baltic FAB action plan provides for the projects on cooperation in order to achieve strategic objectives: to develop activities through involvement of other European FABs, air navigation service providers as well as non-EU member states into flight safety and management quality improvement, and development of innovative solutions, and also to encourage to act as a single, effective and business-oriented organisation.

The action plan is to be implemented via collaboration of transport ministries of Lithuania and Poland, civil aviation administrations and air navigation service providers of both countries.

Functional airspace blocks were established in order to reduce the airspace fragmentation and the costs of air navigation services, and increase the airspace capacity. Currently, there are 9 functional airspace blocks established in EU.

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